Bagpipe Class at PJHS

Submitted by chris.killpack on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 11:00

Check out this video of the Pipe Band performance!

Wednesday night students from our bagpipe class here at Payson Jr. performed with the Payson High School Bagpipe Band in the Band Bash Concert. 

Video and text by Diana Lees

Upcoming Events/Opportunities at PJHS

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Grizzly Update - Feb. 09, 2022
Upcoming Events:  

Feb 9: Band Concert at Payson High School, 5:00 pm Call time for students, 7:00 pm Concert Time
Feb. 14  Badminton Tournament 2:30 pm
Feb. 16  Orchestra Concert 7 pm
Feb  17  Parent and Teacher Conferences 3:00 to 7:30 pm 
Feb. 18  Fight the New Drug Assembly 8:35 am
Feb. 21  Presidents Day - No School
Feb. 22  Parent Seminar on Internet Safety
Feb. 25  Post-Valentine Dance 6 to 8 pm
Fight the New Drug Assembly and Parent Info Meeting

Spanish Class Activities at Payson Jr. High School

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Please click on this slide show video to enjoy pictures of some of our activities in our Spanish class.  During the holidays we were able to learn about Christmas traditions, we cut the Rosca de Reyes.  We also were able to send some books to Mexico that the students created.  They are so talented!  There are also some pictures of our Tacos and Salsas speaking activities we do often.  Students now are able to speak Spanish for 1 minute! They are sounding great!

Video and text by Graciela Bartholomew

Upcoming Events/Opportunities at PJHS

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Grizzly Update - Feb. 01, 2022
Upcoming Events:  

Feb. 05  Region Swim Meet  5 pm
Feb. 14  Valentine Badminton Tournament  2:30 pm
Feb. 16  Mid-Winter Orchestra Concert  7:00 pm
Feb. 17  Parent/Teacher Conferences 3 to 7:30 pm
Feb. 18  Post-Valentine Dance 6 to 8 pm
Feb. 21  Presidents Day - No School
Parent Teacher Conference Dinner

Science Fair

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Our School science fair is this Thursday and Friday in the Library. Projects will be set up Thursday from early morning to after school until 3:30.  Project displays are judged during the day Friday and results/winners will be announced on Monday. Winners will have the opportunity to present their projects the following week at the Nebo District Fair. Winners at that fair will be invited to compete at the region science fair at BYU in March. More information will be given to qualifying students. 

Kirk Wright

My House Has Stars

Submitted by chris.killpack on Fri, 01/28/2022 - 11:07

During the second term, Ms. ZoBell's students worked really hard on a writing project called "My House Has Stars" based on the mentor text of the same name by Megan McDonald that was used to help guide their writing.

Students learned how mood affects tone in writing as well as used intentional fragments to improve sentence variety. They also had to include figurative language in their papers to gear them up for the unit that followed (which was all about how figurative language enhances our writing). 

Pictures and Article by Paige ZoBell