October Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 12:35

The staff at Payson Junior High School has started a new program to honor spectacular students. The Student of the Month program will highlight students who excel in specific content areas and will be chosen by the teachers. The most challenging part is deciding which students to pick because so many incredible students attend Payson Junior!

Students Take a Stand Against Drugs

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On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, the students of Payson Junior High participated in a 500 mile walk to begin drug free week. Over 1,000 students each walked one half mile to take a physical stand against drugs. Each class also made a banner for the PTA's Banner Contest and proudly displayed those banners while participating in the walk. While the PTA gave several classes Honorable Mentions and loved all of the banners, the winner was Mike Farley's Science Class with their "Hugs Not Drugs" Chant.

Fun Run Results!

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On Friday, October 19, 2012, Payson Junior High held the annual fun run. Over 300 people participated in the event, including both students and faculty. The rest of the student body sat nearby in the bleachers enjoying the sunshine and cheering on the runners.

The race results are as follows:

The TOP 10 FINISHERS 9TH GIRLS 1. Leah Waite (14:46), 2. McKayla Menlove, 3.  Natalie Thomas, 4.  Monica Nelson, 5. Taylor Degroff, 6.  Brooklyn Jensen, 7.  Megan Hazelette, 8.  Lakyn Adams, 9.  Brittany Wayne, and 10. Addie Elliot. 

Faculty Hike in Payson Canyon

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On Monday, September 24, 2012, several members of the Payson Junior High faculty went on a hike in Payson Canyon. All teachers and staff were invited to go view the natural beauty of the fall colors, and get to know their colleagues a little better!

Payson Junior High Holds Third Annual Poetry Slam Competition

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On Thursday, May 3, seventh, eighth, and ninth-grade students participated in Payson Junior High’s Third Annual Poetry Slam. The event has become an eagerly anticipated event which allows students at Payson Junior High (PJHS) to showcase their poetic prowess and talents. This year 83 students participated in the Slam.  Many contestants wrote and recited original poems for the contest while others chose to participate by reciting poems written by their favorite poets. The performance of the poems was excellent, and the entertainment value for those in attendance was high.

Curtis Burton Pictures by Savanna Gillies

PJHS Students Honored at the 2012 Great Kid Awards

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Payson Junior High seventh graders Brett Nielsen and Kaitlin Oberg were honored at the 18th Annual 2012 Great Kid Awards on April 25 at the Tahitian Noni building in Provo, Utah. The event was presented by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and honored student achievements from around the valley. In addition to receiving their Great Kid Awards, honorees were treated to an inspirational message from Clint Pulver.

Curtis Burton

Dakota Lange Performs Well in Foot Locker West Regional Race

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Dakota Lange, a ninth-grade student at Payson Junior High, finished 14 out of 75 elite freshman and sophomore cross country runners in the Foot Locker West Regional Cross Country Championship. The event was held at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California on December 3 and featured elite runners from all over the western United States. Dakota completed the 5 kilometer course with a time of 17:25, averaging 5-minute and 36-second miles.

Curtis Burton

Roah Kelly Wins Power Lifting Competition

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On December 6, Roah Kelly, a ninth-grade student from Payson Junior High, won the local junior high power lifting competition. The event was held at Mt. Nebo Junior High, and students from Diamond Fork Junior High, Mt. Nebo Junior High, Payson Junior High, and Spanish Fork Junior High participated in the competition. Students competed by completing requirements in bench press, military press, pull-ups, push-ups, and the shuttle run. Preston Little, also a student from Payson Junior High, placed second in the competition.

Curtis Burton

Payson Junior High Students Pledge to be Buddies, not Bullies

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Payson Junior High students, under the direction of the school’s counselors, committed and entire week in November to focusing on being buddies and not bullies in their school. The counselors, with help from the school’s Peer Leaders, visited the school’s classes to kickoff the anti-bully week, delivering a powerful anti-bullying message to classmates. Homeroom classes participated in a door decorating contest, with classes focusing on anti-bullying themed doors; the competition was won by Lynette Ethridge’s third-period Biology class.

Curtis Burton