A Day For Science

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/24/2014 - 14:33

The Nebo School District science fair was a smashing success. Students spent two months putting countless hours into becoming experts in the project of their choosing.

Payson Junior High offered up its own round of scientists- Kenji Heimuli, Aubrey Carroll, Nathan Reeves, Benton Staheli, Weston Amos and Gabe Doyle.

Written by Haven Johansen

Mentoring? What?

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For 6 years, the mentoring program has helped struggling students gain better understanding of their educational and social skills. “It gives students a role model,”  says Janna Manookin, who is in charge of the program and was kind enough to give some inside information on how it all works.

Written by Haven Johnansen

December's Best at PJHS

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Every month, Payson Junior High’s teachers are faced with the challenge to select students of the month. With so many excellent students attending Payson Junior, it can be difficult for teachers to select just one outstanding student! They accomplished this task and have chosen the following as December’s students of the month:

New Year, New Clubs!

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I pledge my head to greater thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living.  For my club, my community my country, and my world. - The 4-H pledge.

Written by Sarah Sullivan

Tis the Season to be Singing

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It was the Christmas choir concert Tuesday the 10th and also the final concert for our student teacher, Mrs.Ivie. She says; “I treasure each of these students individually, they have helped me flourish and I will miss them so much.” The concert was done wonderfully bringing the christmas spirit to the Payson High school auditorium.

Written by Myranda Goodworth

November Students of the Month

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Each month, teachers vote on which students excelled and really stood out in each of their content areas. The excellent students for November are as follows:

Science- 7th: Ambria Watkins, 8th: Paisley Finch, and 9th: Jacey Orme. Boys PE- 7th: Trevor Moon, 8th: Hagen Wright, and 9th: Diego Tinoco.

Running for Fun!

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Payson Junior High School focuses on excellence in all areas: personal, academic, and physical. As part of the annual Red Ribbon week, students and staff show their commitment to physical fitness by participating in a Fun Run. This year’s run took place on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 with 318 participants finishing the 2 mile race.

Written by Rachel Holt

Up With Music

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On Thursday October 17th, Perfect Harmony, Chamber singers and the seventh grade choir performed their fall concert “Up With Music.”  The first of many more! The stage was set and the classes were filled with excitement waiting for the concert to begin. The building was filled and they began singing songs like their famous “Rhythm of life”, “Popular”, and “I see the light.”

Written by Myranda Goodworth