February 10 Weekly Newsletter

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PJHS Parents,

This coming Friday, 2/12 we will be holding a school activity for the last hour of the day. All students will get to choose an activity to attend and are asked to remain there for the next hour. This activity is considered a part of the regular school day and it is expected that all students attend. Here is a list of the activities that are being held.





Homework Computers

Open Computer Lab

Open Computer Lab

Study Hall


Food Activity

Weight Room

Mr. Blake Mortensen, Photo Credit: Mrs. Connie Ericksen

PJHS To Present To Nebo School Board

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PJHS will present an example of our academics and a report from our school community council to the Nebo School Board on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 6:00 P.M.

Please support us by attending the meeting at 350 S. Main Street in Spanish Fork!

Families, let's show our school board members how much we care! See you there!

February 2, 2016 Weekly Newsletter

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PJHS Parents,

  As a school we are trying to encourage students to be to class on time. The biggest reason for being on time is not to interrupt the class once it has started. When students are late it distracts from the most important part of the lesson, the first 5-7 minutes! As students are late they are missing that valuable instruction and could possibly be behind or lost the rest of the period. Parents, please encourage your students to be on time and ready with all materials for class.

Mr. Blake Mortensen

What's The Deal With Poetry?

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Mrs. Bragg's English class engaged in a competition recently to write an amazing argumentative essay. While there were many good entries, one stood out. Student Kylie Bascom argued why poetry is worth reading and here is what she said:

Essay by Kylie Bascom


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PJHS Parents,

Another year gone! Hopefully, you have had a chance to reflect for yourself and with your student about some of the great things that have happened in this past year! And had a chance to set some new goals for this coming year! At PJHS, we hope this year will be our best yet!


Term 2



PJHS Students Help Orphans In Mexico

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Teachers and Staff performed at PJHS live for 7th graders. Our 7th grade students won the privilege of seeing our staff show off their talents and abilities as a reward for donating the most money as a class to our annual fund drive for orphaned children in Mexico. Because of the generous donations given by ALL of our students, we are able to help these children with basic needs such as clothing, bed sheets, personal hygiene and other necessities.

A big thanks to ALL of our students for generously donating to help others in need this holiday season.