Payson Junior High Holds Annual Talent Show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/18/2011 - 15:33

Payson Junior High recently held its annual talent show, and the participating students showed how truly talented they are. Judging by the thunderous applause and cheers that came from the students, faculty, and parents in the audience, the performers gave the audience a great show. Seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students all performed well. The talents performed included singing, dancing, piano playing, guitar strumming, cheering, and tumbling. 

Student performances began with the school’s Perfect Harmony group singing. They were followed by Marely Lee who performed a traditional Mexican dance. Allison Elder followed her with a piano performance. Next, Danielle Gubler sang accompanied by Megan Ringger on the piano, The program then featured a cheer team consisting of junior high students. Kate McClellan followed them with a guitar/singing performance. Cierra Davis, Angela Hickman, Kamrie White, Nikki Bray, and Dakota Davis next performed a dance routine. They were followed by Marley Alexander performing a piano solo. Dakota Lange, Matthew Hales, Dallin Rowley, and Ryan Lindquist performed next and entertained the crowd with a glow stick dance routine. They were followed by Emily Garret who performed a vocal number. The school’s Latinos in Action group next performed a dance. Nate Rowley followed their performance with a piano solo. Next, Bryttney Rosser performed a vocal number. The final number of the program was a performance by the school’s guitar club.     

Adam Gardner, a ninth-grade student at PJHS, commented on the show saying, “PJHS has some crazy talent.”

Alex Ford, also a ninth-grade student and member of the student council that helped organize the show, said, “The show went really smoothly, and all the performers did a really good job.”

“It was flippin’ awesome! The crowd was going crazy!” stated Dakota Lange, a student who performed, with his group, a crowd-pleasing glow stick routine.

Most students seemed to agree with Dakota’s sentiments as the school was buzzing about the shows performances for the remainder of the day. Mr. Tyler Higa, Payson Junior High School’s student council advisor along with the school’s student council, certainly put together an entertaining show that featured the best of Payson Junior High’s talent.  


Curtis Burton