Safe School Environment



The Board of Education recognizes their responsibility to provide a safe environment where students and employees are free from unlawful and violent acts. Nebo School District will not tolerate acts of violence, threatened acts of violence, use or possession of a weapon, hazing, assaulting, demeaning behavior, criminal conduct, or gang activity in or about the schools, school grounds, or school activities and events, including transportation.



  •  “Arson” means the willful and malicious burning of any part of a building or its contents.
  • “Burglary” means breaking, entering, or remaining in a structure without justification during the hours when premises are closed to the public.
  •  “Stealing/Larceny” means the intentional unlawful taking and/or carrying away of property belonging to or in the lawful possession or custody of another.
  •  “Battery/Fighting” means the unlawful and intentional touching or striking of a district employee, volunteer, or student with the intention of causing bodily harm to that individual. The encouragement of others to do so would also constitute battery.
  •  “Criminal Mischief” means vandalism, graffiti, or destruction of school property or the property of others.
  •   “Intimidation” means engaging in behavior that prevents or discourages another student from exercising his/her right to education through threats, coercion or force.
  •  “Verbal Abuse” means using harassing, vulgar, or derogatory remarks towards another district employee, volunteer, or student.


A student may be suspended, expelled, or subject to other appropriate disciplinary action when the school administration has determined that he/she represents a threat to the health and/or safety of other students and/or employees by:
  • Causing, attempting, or threatening to cause personal harm, damage to personal or school property, and/or disrupting school activities or transportation. Such actions include, but are not limited to, arson, burglary, stealing/larceny, battery/fighting, criminal mischief, intimidation, and verbal abuse.
  • Gang signing, wearing of bandannas, headgear, chains, or any article of clothing or jewelry bearing any gang symbols, names, initials, insignia, tattoos, or anything else which signals gang affiliation and/or is worn for the purpose of signifying gang membership.
  • Involvement in illegal activities, disrupting normal school proceedings, or inciting other students to disrupt school proceedings.
  • Inappropriate use of cell phones or other electronic devices during school. See Nebo School District Policy No. JDE, Electronic Devices.
Unless under the direction of an administrator or teacher, using laser lights and laser pointers at school, at school functions or activities, or on any district vehicle being used to transport students.
To read the complete policy, see Nebo School District Policy No. JDA, Safe School Environment .