Computer Use



The right and privilege to use computers at Payson Junior High School brings with it agreat responsibility.  The Computer Use Agreement is in Section C: General School Administration of the Distric Policy page or by clicking on and going to Section C.


The following rules and regulations have been established to help you understand the importance of being responsible: 

  1. The District Computer Use Policy will be strictly enforced.
  2. Each student must have a signed Computer Use Agreement on file to be eligible to use school computers for any purpose.
  3. Game playing is only allowed with a teacher’s permission and under their direct supervision.
  4. You may not be off-task (looking at other sites, surfing, etc.) at any time.
  5. Printing from the computer must be kept to a minimum. Students may only print school related material and may
    only do so with the permission of their teacher.
  6. You are not allowed to use a computer before, during, or after school without direct teacher supervision.
  7. Destruction of school computer property will not be tolerated. 
  8. No food or drinks near the computers.