Electronic Devices



Electronic devices, such as cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, IPods, etc, are allowed at Payson Junior High School. However, because of the potential for disruption, inappropriate material, threats, cheating, and invasion of privacy, all electronic devices are subject to the following rules:

Possession of Electronic Devices:

Students may carry electronic devices to and from school and to school sponsored activities.

 Use of Electronic Devices:

Students may use their electronic devices before and after school as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption. Use of these devices at any other time during the school day is prohibited. All such items should be turned completely off and kept out of sight. Cell phone usage is not allowed unless an emergency situation, as defined by the school staff, exists. The use of cameras or camera phones is strictly forbidden in private areas, such as, locker rooms, dressing areas, or restrooms at any time.

Exceptions to the above policy:

If a parent wishes their student to have access to an electronic device at an unauthorized time, they must submit a written request for permission to the school principal.

Disciplinary Action:

It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure that their electronic devices are turned off and out of sight during school hours. Students who violate the above restrictions are subject to disciplinary action, including confiscation of the electronic device and/or suspension from school. As a general rule, the following actions will be taken:
1st Violation—Electronic Device will be confiscated, then returned to the student after an administrative conference at the end of the school day.
2nd Violation—Electronic device will be confiscated and then returned only to the student’s parent following a parent conference.
3rd Violation—Electronic device will be confiscated and then returned only to the student’s parent following a day of in school suspension and parent conference.
4th and all subsequent Violation—Confiscation of the device, then returned to parent after a suspension and parent conference (Suspension from school may be for up to 10 school days).

Theft of Electronic Devices

Payson Junior High School will not be responsible for electronic devices that may become lost or stolen while at school or at school sponsored activities.
**Parents/guardians are advised that the best way to get in touch with their child during the school day is to call the school office, 465-6015.