January Mayor's Award Recipient Named

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January has been a snowy and blustery month at PJHS and in the midst of it all our very own 8th grader, Jack Stewart, shone brightly! Jack earned the Payson City Mayor's Award at the January city council meeting. Jack's teachers had high praise for his efforts at school.

Mrs. Bridenbaugh stated, "Jack Stewart has been an amazing help and friend to my new student.  He has come to get him off the bus.  Helped him to go back to class when the student has melted down.  He deserves to be recognized for going up and beyond the expected. Jack has a heart that is made of gold.  He is always willing to befriend any of the students in my classroom.  He is always willing to help or give comfort when they are having a bad day.  I am so greatful to have a peer tutor like Jack."

Mr. Aintablian professed, "Often you will see Jack pick up an extra responsibility to help, and when he does, he commits. Though it seems like a simple compliment, the sincerity with which he stays loyal to serving those he chooses, is quite admirable, especially when you consider the multitudinous distractions and incentives are provided to a young teen." 

And finally, Ms. Petersen added, "Jack goes out of his way to make sure everyone feels like they have a friend. In math he sits next to a student who came to our school speaking no English. The language barrier didn't stop Jack from trying to be her friend though! He would say hi, talk to her, etc. even though she understood very little of what he was saying. He'd also ask her how to say things in Spanish, so he was allowing her to share part of her language with him."

We are glad to have Jack and many others who care about our school and our community. They make the world a better place everyday!

Photos by Stewart Family, Kim Lefler