October 2022

Conclusion of Hispanic Heritage Month

Submitted by chris.killpack on Fri, 10/28/2022 - 08:16

Hispanic Heritage Month has finished and we celebrated here at PJHS!! Did you know that our school is 26% Hispanic Heritage ?! Our 9th Grade Peer Leadership class hosted a Fiesta Latino during both lunches on October 12th. They practiced hard to put together a dance performance called “Zapateado” with partner dancing and line dancing. The dancers proudly wore flags from Spanish-speaking countries while dancing! We decorated the gym, shared Mexican “dulces“ (candy), involved the crowd with dancing and piñatas, and had displays of flags and famous Hispanic-heritage figures.

Rachell Reilly

Rigid Transformations

Submitted by chris.killpack on Fri, 10/28/2022 - 08:11

Who says school can't also involve iconic games?! Here we see the math department hard at work using Rigid Transformations to play a Pac-Man Game. Each group had 20 moves to get as many points as possible. 

Kindness Matters

Submitted by chris.killpack on Mon, 10/24/2022 - 15:58

Kindness matters! These students made posters to put up around the school to remind us why kindness matters. We could all use a little kindness in our lives.

Principles of Geology Picture Books Contest

Submitted by chris.killpack on Mon, 10/24/2022 - 15:49

Mr. Wright had a contest in geology class for the top "Principles of Geology" picture books.  They were judged by Mr. Wright, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Sorensen.  Sierra Snyder took first place.  Carson Dahl took 2nd place, Lexey Manley took 3rd place, and Brookelin McDaniel took 4th place.  Dr. Doofenshmirtz (middle) congratulated each student and will be presenting them with a reward of a few points extra credit and their favorite candy bar. 

Picture and text by Kirk Wright

First Meeting of PJHS Astronomy Club Last Friday

Submitted by chris.killpack on Tue, 10/04/2022 - 08:01

Students are excited about the new astronomy club at PJHS!  They had their first gathering last Friday night and are happy to accept new additions to the club. Click the story to see some more pictures, and if you're interested in learning more about astronomy or joining the club, see Mr. Peterson or Mr. Evans.

Pictures by Logan Peterson