Upcoming Events/Opportunities at PJHS

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PJHS Grizzly News For the Week of 08/15/22 Upcoming Events

Grizzly Update - Aug. 17th, 2022
Upcoming Events:  

Aug. 17th  First Day of School - Classes begin at 7:50 am
Aug. 19th  Picture Day
Aug. 22nd Chromebook Checkout
Aug. 31st  Badminton Challenge
Sep. 05th  Labor Day - No School
Sep. 07th  Loafer Mountain Hike
Sep. 15th  Parent Teacher Conferences 3-8 pm
Sep. 26th  Teacher Development Day - No School

First Week of School
-Today, August 17th, is the first day of school! Class starts at 7:50 am.
-Beginning today through August 23rd, if students want to make a class change, they will need to complete a Course Change Request form and obtain a signature from the teacher that teaches the class they are dropping, as well as a signature from the teacher that teaches the class they are adding to their schedule. The forms will be available in the Counseling Center beginning August 16th. August 23 will be the LAST day course changes will be considered.
-Friday, August 19th is Picture Day. Come ready to get a picture for your school ID card and yearbook photo. Picture Packets will be available to purchase through the order form students will receive during 7th period at school tomorrow or online at mylifetouch.com.  Use the Picture Day ID:  EVT4M9F7T

Adjusted Schedule for Advisory Class
On Monday, August 22nd, we will be adjusting the daily schedule to allow students to spend more time in their first Advisory class. This period will normally be held once a week on Mondays right after 1st period for 25 minutes and is the same teacher and class as students’ 3rd period. Advisory will assist students with setting and completing goals, working together as a team, and learning about Sources of Strength they can utilize to give them an advantage throughout secondary school and their career path beyond. It is worth .25 credit on their transcript. Here is the adjusted schedule we will follow for the 22nd. 

Lunch and Cafeteria Announcements
Remember that breakfast and lunch are no longer free of charge this year. The cost for breakfast is $2.00 and lunch is $2.50.  You can find information about applying for free or reduced lunch costs at this link. Our cafeteria workers are looking for some students to help serve lunch this year. Student volunteers are able to get a free lunch each day they work. Ask our wonderful lunchroom staff to sign up or email our lunch supervisor jeanni.callaway [at] nebo.edu if students are interested.

New Approach to Enforcing the District Electronics Policy
Several teachers this year will be implementing our district electronics policy using a new approach. Students will be aware if a teacher is using the approach as they will be instructed on it during the first few days of school and there will be a reminder posted in that classroom. Essentially, the procedure mandates that no cell phones, headphones, or personal electronic devices will be allowed in use during that class. These devices must be silenced and put away during the entire class period. Medical needs will be allowed through prior approval of a health care or 504 plan. If a teacher sees an above-mentioned device in use, it will be confiscated and delivered to the office to be picked up at the end of the day. If parents need to relay an urgent message to students, they can contact the front office. Here is a copy of the notice that these teachers will be sending home. This attachment is the district electronics policy for your reference. 

Dress Code
Students will be instructed during Advisory class on Monday regarding the dress code. The district policy can be found here. Please help us to follow the district standard by reviewing with your student the following: Clothing must cover from one armpit to the other down to mid-thigh on the front, sides, and back, with no viewable underwear, and must connect from front to back over the shoulders with at least a wide strap. If that description is confusing, here is the picture we will be sharing with students. Additionally, clothing and personal items must be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignias that are lewd, obscene, vulgar, or profane; are violent or advocate hate; signify gang affiliation; promote or represent tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances; promote or represent criminal or illegal activities; or are sexually suggestive. Students will be asked to wear school appropriate clothing if they are found in violation of the policy.

Attendance and Detention Procedures
We are continuing our START program this year (Safe Transitions and Reduced Tardies) to assist students with class attendance. If they are late coming to school, students should check-in with the front office to get a class admit slip. Parents can contact the front office to excuse tardies or absences. Once a student is present at school, if they are then late to a class they will need to check-in at room A-22 to obtain a START ticket, which lets their teacher know that they were tardy and records the time they left A-22. Teachers do not admit students to class late unless they have an admit slip or START ticket. Students have a grace period of three tardies each term before they are required to complete detention. Parents/Guardians are notified by phone each time a student is tardy after the third. Detention can be served before school, during lunch, or after school each day. If students are directed to serve detention and fail to comply, they will be escorted from their class to detention during lunch the following day where they will have to eat lunch and complete a detention session. Sluffing/skipping class will require a student to serve detention as well. At the end of each day, the office will update any isolated, unexcused absences (skipped classes) to sluffs. Please remember to check students out at the office if they are leaving for the day. 

School Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures
Thank you for your help to make the afternoon pick-up and morning drop-off move smoothly. 7:30 is a great time to drop-off as traffic is much lighter. Here are a couple of reminders to help the process to be as safe and efficient as possible.  In front of the school:  Please wait/load in the right lane only. Please continue to pull forward as space becomes available as you wait for your student. This will keep cars off of the highway as they line up. Once your student has loaded, please move into the left lane to exit the parking lot. Please do not load or unload any students in the left lane. This lane is meant to be a drive-through lane only. There is no stopping in this lane. Please do not have your student cross these two lanes to load a vehicle. Avoid parking in the parking stalls directly in front of the school - this will keep students from running in front of moving cars. If you would like to park to wait for your student, please park in the parking lot to the south of the entrance to the school, by the tennis courts.
Bus Zone East of the School: Please do not use this area as a drop-off or pick-up area. The congestion makes it difficult for the buses to get to their next assignment on time. The road behind the school is closed from 5:30 am to 4:00 pm every weekday. We have approximately 600 students crossing the road to unload and load buses. Please do not drive in this area; we want to keep our students and drivers safe.

Homework Help
Any student needing tutoring or a session with a teacher to make up detention time is welcome to join Ms. Wagner at 7:20 in the morning in her room, D-148. She is available Monday through Thursday each week. Here is her flier to download and save for a reminder. 

Computer Help
Mrs. (Ogden) Couch is available to help with school issued Chromebooks before school from 7:30-7:45, and after school Tuesday-Friday until 3:00. She is also available to help during 1st period if needed. If she is not in her room or available to help please write your name on the list outside her classroom door and she will contact you as soon as possible. Mrs. (Ogden) Couch can also be contacted through email and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Here is a helpful link to the district tech help website that can answer a lot of tech questions also: Nebo Tech Help for Students/Parents.  Students will be using Canvas for many of their classes this year. Parents can become observers of their students to help students at home with assignments. Here is a link for how to become an observer in your child's classes: How to be a Canvas Observer.

Infinite Campus App
The Infinite Campus app is a great, one stop shop for you to view your student's schedule and locker.  It's also a great way for you to monitor your student's grades and attendance throughout the school year. There is a student version of the app if your student uses a smartphone as well. If you don't have it yet, give it a try!  
Parent Campus App for iPhone
Student Campus App for iPhone
Parent Campus App for Android
Student Campus App for Android

Closed Campus and Checking In/Out
Remember that PJHS is a closed campus. This means students are not allowed to leave campus between classes or during lunch unless they are checked out by a parent or guardian. Check out needs to be done by a parent or guardian in person in the front office. For the safety of students, secretaries are discouraged from checking them out over the phone. Students, if you are late to school, remember to check in at the front office.  

School Fees
Remember to get your school fees paid! All fees are due now so please pay, or contact the school to make payment arrangements. It's quick and easy on My School Fees, or may be paid at the Finance office in the school. Administrators in the front office will also accept fee waiver applications which can be accessed in English here and Spanish here.

First Badminton Challenge of the Year
This will be taking place Wednesday, August 31st, after school.  Never played before? No problem!  Rackets and birds are provided. Bring a friend or come by yourself and make some new ones!  Sign up with Mr. Archer today (eric.archer [at] nebo.edu)

Early Morning Basketball
Students who would like to participate in pick-up basketball games this year can show up on Fridays (or the last day of the week) @ 6 am.  All are welcome.  Enter through the South Gym doors.

Loafer Mountain Hike
We’re excited for the PJHS 15th annual Loafer Mountain Hike! If you like the wilderness and hiking all day then this activity is for you!  All hikers need to qualify at 6 am on Aug. 31st or Sept. 1st. Space is limited, see Mr. Archer for details/to sign up!

High School Swim Team
Swim Team is holding "open swims" after school on the high school B days from 2:45-4:00p. Anyone who would like to try a couple of swim workouts and may be interested in joining the team is welcome. We need girls!!!! You should be proficient at basic swim skills and we will teach you stroke technique.

After School Clubs
If you’ve been dying to find groups to play chess or Dungeons and Dragons with, PJHS is the right place for you!  These after school clubs will begin soon. Watch for information from Mr. Wright about location. See this flier

New PJHS School Community Council Members
Congratulations to the two parents who were nominated to Payson Jr. High School Community Council!  We are excited to serve with Laura Wright and Jessica Serrano this year.  We will not hold an election this week as these two nominees will fill the two open council positions. Faculty members Justin Brooks and Graciela Bartholomew have also been appointed to serve on the council.

Utah Parent Center Parent Consultant
Heidi Whittaker is a Parent Consultant for the Utah Parent Center and is contracted to work specifically with Nebo School District to provide free assistance/resources to parents who have children with special needs in Nebo School District.  She helps parents who suspect their child may have a special need as well as helps parents who already have children with IEPs/504s in Nebo. Her role is to help facilitate communication and assist parents in understanding the IEP Process. She also helps provide free monthly workshops with Nebo School District for parents. See her flier here for more information and watch for monthly announcements.  

Nebo Youth Orchestra
For all Nebo students grades 7-12, you are invited to join the Nebo Youth Symphony Tuesdays at 3:30. There is an opening social and parent information meeting scheduled for August 30th at 4:30 pm at Salem Hills High School. See this flier for more information.