Upcoming Events/Opportunities at PJHS

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PJHS Grizzly News For the Week of 04/11/22 Upcoming Events

Grizzly Update - April 12th, 2022
Upcoming Events:  

April 14  Tennis vs. Mapleton 3:30 pm
April 15  Track meet @ Payson 
April 19  3rd Term Reward Movie
April 19  Tennis @ Springville 3:30 pm
April 21  Dance Company Auditions  3:00 pm
April 22  Doubles Badminton Tournament  6:00 am
May 04  First day to buy tickets to Lagoon
May 17  Chromebooks collected
May 19  Lagoon field trip
Lunch Numbers Will Be Required
In the coming weeks, the district Child Nutrition Department will begin requiring all students to return to the practice of entering their lunch numbers to receive a free lunch.  As lunches will no longer be free of charge next school year, we want students to get back in the habit of entering their numbers to obtain a lunch. 
3rd Term Reward Movie
Our reward movie for 3rd term will be on April 19th. All students who were able to keep their detention time at 2 hours or less for 3rd term will receive an invitation to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at the Payson Cinema. If students choose to attend the movie, they will need to bring their invitation (passed out during class on Thursday the 14th) and pay $5 (exact change is preferred) to the finance office prior to the 19th for their movie ticket, drink, and popcorn. Buses will begin leaving at 9 am and continue to ferry students in groups to the theater between 9 and 10. Once the movie concludes, students will be returned in groups by bus to the school. 
Dance Company Auditions
Dance Company auditions will be Thursday, April 21st at 3:00. For more information you can contact Miss DeGraffenried at Steph [dot] DeGraffenried [at] nebo [dot] edu 
Doubles Badminton Tournament
April 22nd at 6 am for the next Doubles Badminton Tournament.  All are welcome.  Sign up with Mr. Archer or through email at eric [dot] archer [at] nebo [dot] edu
PTA Help for 22-23 School Year
We need some help running our PTA for the upcoming 2022/2023 school year. We have someone who is going to be the president but she could use some help! If you've helped at the elementary or middle school level, this is not that time consuming but it takes more than one person to make it successful. We have some great ideas already and would love some more input! Please access this link to sign up as a PTA officer. 
Join the summer Code to Success program!
DATES: June 13 - July 15, 2022     TIME: 8 am -12 pm     LOCATION: Advanced Learning Center in Salem, UT     COST: It's FREE!!! Just sign-up and come participate!
Junior high and high school students can begin registering for the Code to Success 2022 Summer Program. Computer science is becoming a larger part of our world as it is useful in many careers and learning to code can help to jump start students into this area. The summer code to success program is a great way for students to get started. Students can earn high school credits by participating in the program with Nebo School District.  Please go to ctsutah.org or click on this flier to learn more and to register. Contact Ms. Ogden or Mr. Johnson if you have questions about the program with Nebo School District.
Last SpEd Parent Workshop of the Year
Nebo is taking registrations for the final SpEd parent workshop for the year. This month we are focusing on executive functioning. Please see this flier to register and see more information.
Lagoon Field Trip
We are looking forward to our Lagoon field trip next month. The cost for the chartered bus ride and entrance to the park will be $50 (for cash or check, $52 for a credit card payment - we ask that exact amounts be brought if using cash to avoid long lines). Because bus tickets are limited, we will only be selling to 9th grade students starting May 4th, and then 8th grade students can begin purchasing on May 6th.  Remember, to be eligible for extra curricular activities such as this field trip, you will need to make sure that all of your outstanding school fees and library fines are paid. Also, you must not have more than 2 hours of detention time owed to the school (since the beginning of the year) for tardies or sluffs. The bus will leave at 8:00 am on May 19th and return between 4 and 5 pm. We look forward to a great end of the year celebration at Lagoon!