Students of the Month

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Students of the Month

Congratulations to our students of the month!  Click the story to read about these amazing students and how their teachers at PJHS feel about them.

9th grade
Eliza Bennett: Eliza has made it her calling in life to make everyone her cousin.  She loves them so much, they need to be a part of her family.  On a daily basis, she tells me how her family and friends are doing.  She wants to be there if she thinks they are sick or hurting.  I appreciate her loving and caring heart. Mrs. Bridenbaugh
Annie Fillmore: Annie is thoughtful and willing to help others. Quite often she sees someone in need and steps in to help without being asked. Mrs. Judd
Brielle Ivers: Brielle is such a light and joy!  I truly look forward to seeing her each day.  She is so kind and fun.  Her laugh and smile is contagious and she is also just an amazing person! I wish that I would have had her the whole year because she is truly something special! I love that girl and I am honored to have been her teacher! Mrs. Tervort
Bridger Steele: Bridger is an amazing young man.  He is kind to others,  Always tries his best to do what is right.  He doesn't give up when things are hard.  I am so glad I got to be his teacher this year. Mrs. Bridenbaugh
Lexton Johnson: Lexton is a kind, good kid.  He is respectful and always does just what he should in class.  He is a teacher's dream!  Mrs. Bates

8th grade
Amelia Toone: Amelia Toone is one of the sweetest, most patient, smart, cool people I know. She does so well in school. She is kind, assertive, and overall simply awesome. I love that even though her circumstances can be difficult she doesn't complain; she just looks for solutions and moves forward. She will be successful in whatever she decides to do in the future. Mrs. Averett
Kanon Steele: Kanon is AWESOME! Kanon makes everybody around him feel like he is their friend! And, he is such a stellar example to more rowdy students on when to focus, and how much effort you should put into your work. He always turns in high quality work to me and is so respectful in class! I really appreciate having Kanon as a student! :)   Mrs. Yergensen
Adam Beasley:  Adam enters my classroom with a smile and positive attitude. Everybody knows who Adam is in our class. He helps keep the class under control and pays attention. Mr. Pyne
Mackinzey Critchlow: Mackinzey is a breath of fresh air in the classroom.  She is pleasant and kind and is always respectful of others and her teacher too.  She's a joy to have in class.  Mrs. Bates