Spanish Class News and Announcement

Submitted by chris.killpack on Wed, 04/27/2022 - 07:52
Cinco de Mayo celebration Monday, May 2nd, Payson City Pateetneet Amphitheater

Many of our students turn 15 in Junior High. The quinceañera celebration is a tradition among many Spanish speaking countries.  This tradition has been carried on for many years in many communities. In our Spanish classes we have been learning about the tradition and the meaning of it.  Last week we had our mini-celebrations of the quinceanera.  Students were able to try on an authentic quinceanera dress. Students have been learning the history of merengue and salsa dances as well. In this video we share some of the special moments we enjoyed as a class. Students were also able to learn the traditional Waltz and performed for their peers.  We have been learning vocabulary on clothing and this was the perfect opportunity for a fashion show!  Students were able to present their peers with their fashion on stage.  We are learning so much and having so much fun!  We have amazing students that encourage and embrace each other and we are so proud of you!  
We invite all of our Spanish learners and their families and everyone else who would like to join us this Monday to a free community event at the Peteetneet Amphitheater.  We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with music. Come and practice your Spanish!   

Text and Video by Graciela Bartholomew