"Creature Features" - Are You Brave Enough to Meet Our Creatures?

Submitted by chris.killpack on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 10:53
Authors pictured:  Hudson, Lexton, Lucas, James, Brianna, Angelo
Authors pictured:  Kylee, KayLee, Paizlee, Danielle, Kenzee
Authors pictured:  Carter, Eddie, Kolyn, Myles
Authors pictured:  Thomas, Karl, Taihani, Larry, Mac, Wyatt, Chris, Alan

Students in Mrs. Clayton’s English 8 classes recently created their own fictitious creatures, as part of a paragraph writing unit.  After discussing what makes a good paragraph, each student had the opportunity to create a plan and an illustration for an imagined creature.  Next, each student was instructed to  write a first draft and then a final draft, after editing and proofreading.  Finally, students published their “features” and enjoyed sharing these with their peers. We appreciate Mrs. Clayton and her student's efforts!

Photos and text by Candis Clayton