Congratulations to Student TSA Club Winners

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Technology Student Association

Congratulations to our student winners from last Tuesday's State TSA (Technology Student Association) Competition

Click the story to see the results for all winners.

2023 Utah TSA Conference Results

Career Prep 2nd Place: Payton Bishop

Digital Photography 1st Place: Tavin Bussio 

Essays on Technology 2nd Place: Statton Corbett

Leadership Strategies 3rd Place: Paisley Bishop, Tosh Haws, Trevan Haws

Mass Production 2nd Place: Statton Corbett, Joshua Drury, Wyatt Martin

Problem Solving 3rd Place: Gabriel Andrew, Kasen Kelander

Promotional Marketing 1st Place: Ezekiel Andrew 

System Control Technology 3rd Place: Michael Harris, Tosh Haws, Trevan Haws

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