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October 2013

Grizzlies March Against Drugs

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 15:03
Photos by Blake Mortensen

The average American only takes 5,000 steps a day-but students were able to walk 500 miles as a school to take a stand against drugs.

On Monday, October 7th, the Payson Junior High Grizzlies showed their commitment to be drug free, bringing the end of Red Ribbon Week to a close. Over 1,000 students, faculty and staff completed a ½ mile walk, bringing our school total to 500 miles walked. Each homeroom class created a banner that showed their pledge to be drug free, and the PTA decided on 3 winners that were announced at the end of the assembly.

The end of the walk brought students to a mini-concert which showcased several performers. The program began with a group of students performing “Cups” (both singing and playing the cups!). The group included  8th graders: Kyrra Lundberg, Jolene Ballamis, Emily Miller, Megan Dixon, Mariah Webber, Rachel Holt (teacher), Shalice Bascom, Sabryne Kelly, Lily Wimmer, and Sarah Sullivan.

Next were two songs, “I Wanna Hold your Hand” and”Ho/Hey” were performed by a group of students. Haven Johansen,Owen Grimshaw, and Cody Carlisle were on vocals with Kenji Heimuli on guitar, and Austin Stevenson on drums.

The Latinos in Action club participated in a dance led by Justin Socetta performing his robotic dance moves for the crowd.

Jesse Sorenson, Vice Principal at PJHS, gave a principal’s message with the emphasis being make good choices and get involved in positive hobbies rather than doing drugs.

The program ended with two former PJHS students sharing their talents. Addy Elliot, now a Sophomore at Payson High,sang and played the piano to Rihanna’s “Stay” and “Carry On” by Fun. Finally, Heather Bolz performed “God Bless America,” an original piece, and “Ho/Hey” with crowd involvement.

Before walking inside, the winners of the Drug Free Banner contest were announced. Third place went to McKenzie Fairclough’s 7th grade English class, second place to Vanessa Gillie’s 8th grade English class, and first place went to Rachel Holt’s 7th grade English class. The grand prize included a treat from the PTA and the coveted Grizzly Spirit banner.

The whole Red Ribbon week was a great success, and the 500 mile walk was a hit as well! This is the second year that the walk has taken place and is the beginning of a wonderful tradition at our school. Way to be drug free, Grizzlies!


Toughest Competition of the Year

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A fierce competition occurred after school as students and staff played in one of Payson Junior’s toughest, most popular events: a badminton tournament.

On September 20, 2013, 70 students competed in Payson Junior High’s first badminton tournament of the year.  Eric Archer, teacher at Payson who organized the event, explained, “There were a lot of close games and it was a 'smashing' good time.”  

Tanner Killpack & Luis Garcia took 1st Place, Jose Sandoval & Jr. Castrellon placed 2nd, and 3rd Place went to Bryce Mecham & Josh Steele.

Congratulations to all the winners.  There are several tournaments throughout the year so keep playing and getting ready for the next one!



Stellar September Students

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 14:31


Each month, teachers vote on which students excelled and really stood out in each of their content areas: Students of the Month. The excellent students for September are as follows:

Science- 7th: Weston Amos, 8th: Mollie Brown, and 9th: Abby Ellsworth. Language Arts- 7th: Wendy Camba, 8th: Bailey Ekins, and 9th: Hagen Thomas. Boys PE- 7th Kaden Mecham, 8th Austin Bailey, and 9th Justin Sauceda. Girls PE- 7th: Ruby Baird, 8th Whitlee Monroe, and 9th: Ashley Jensen.

Math- 7th: Gavin Hoffman, 8th: Brock Elmer, and 9th: Alyssa Behrend. Social Studies- 7th: Hernan Cisneros, 8th: Micah Ashton, and 9th: Tyler Jones. Fine Arts- 7th: Corbin Tharp, 8th: Rhett Meek, and 9th: Chantelle Wilkinson. Library- 7th: Lors Burton, 8th: Kaitlyn Ohman, and 9th: Tambi Clark. Career and Tech- 7th: Ty Petty, 8th: Megan Hall, and 9th: Jared Hanks.

The following students were chosen as overall students of the month from their entire grade: 7th: Ruby Baird, 8th: Brock Elmer, and 9th Justin Sauceda.

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work and dedication in the classroom!



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