Grizzly Den



(Daily Enrichment/Remediation)

Purpose: Payson Junior High School’s GRIZZLY DEN is designed to motivate and give help to students who may be struggling academically. Grizzly Den’s purpose is also to reward students who consistently do well in all of their classes at school.
Procedure: Every day, except for Collaboration Wednesdays, each student will receive a report showing their current standing in each class. This report will determine what each individual will be doing with their earned time for that day. If a student is passing every class with no missing work, he or she will be allowed 23 minutes to participate in an enrichment activity of choice. Any student who has a D, F or I on their report will report to the teacher of that class for extra help and remediation in mastering the concepts necessary to get to a passing grade. All enrichment and remediation activities are supervised by teachers. Students will receive detailed schedules showing what teachers and activities are available on each given day.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Grizzly Den
How will I know if I need to go to remediation, or go to an enrichment activity?
Look at the bottom right-hand corner of the progress report you're given in 3rd period. If there any D, F, or I grades printed on your progress report, you need to report to that teacher's classroom. If there are no deficient notices, then your report card will get you into an activity.
What if I lose my progress report? Can I still get in to the activities?
I'm afraid not. You must hang on to that progress report-- it's your ticket in the door. If you don't have it, we'll send you to hang out in administrative time, or study hall.
If I finish my remediation work early, can I go to an activity?
Not that day. Once the teacher has updated your grades, you can attend the activities if you're passing all classes. You need to stay in your teacher's room (or your chosen activity) for the entire 23 minutes.
What if my teacher doesn't update my grades right away?
Then you will not able to attend the activities--not until your grade changes. You will need to report to that teacher again. Teachers may not enter grades the same day (hopefully they will), but they will update them within a couple of days. This will also help remind your teacher to update ASAP. Staying current on all assignments and grades will ensure this does not happen.
What if I'm passing everything?
Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back. You can choose any enrichment activity for that day, look at the calendar, and keep up the good work!