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CAASA Presents: Town Hall Meeting-- Parents Empowered

Stephen Wright Presenting: Dangers of Underage Drinking.

April 17th @ 7pm, High School Auditorium

Detention credit will be given (1hr. per student, 1 hr. per parent)

Latinos in Action
To see what our LIA students have been involved in recently, visit the PJHS Facebook page and check out these photos: 

Grizzlies Get the Gold!

Written by Haven Johansen

On March 3, 2014, Diamond Fork Junior High School hosted the District Powerlifting Competition. Offering a variety of lifts and events for each weight division, the competition is held for all junior high students in the district and is held 2 or 3 times a year due to increasing popularity.

Terrific Tournament

Written by Haven Johansen

At 6am (yes, am,) on March 27, PJHS hosted its Singles Badminton tournament. This tournament was Payson’s second of the year, and the reasoning for the insanely early start is that it allows students to participate even if their after school schedules are busy.

There were a lot of close games, and most teams played matches! There were 4 PJHS alumni at the tournament, and they were beaten by many of our students. Mr. Archer, the school’s physical education teacher, said, “It was a lot of fun.” There will be another tournament in April for all those interested.

Into The Woods

Written by Myranda Goodworth


Payson Jr. has headed Into the Woods this week! This years new drama teacher, Mr.Aintablian, has been preparing along with his student cast for the delightful musical “Into the Woods”. A mash-up of fairytales where characters like Cinderella, Jack, two Princes, the Baker and his wife, the witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel head into the woods in search for something they wish for. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and an exciting play for all who come to see.

The Showcase of Talents

Written by Sarah Sullivan


St. Patricks Day, 2014.  The world drummers were prepared sitting in the Payson Junior High Auditorium.  They were dressed in colorful clothing, and had made a half circle, prepared to begin the school’s 4-H showcase.  They played along to traditional songs, and Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” led by the school’s talented band teacher, Mrs. Erickson.  There was even a song where the audience participated by clapping beats along.  It ended strong, and everybody clapped loudly.