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"On Monday October 6, 2014 Nebo School District will present a Parent Awareness Night under Utah House Bill 329 “Programs for Youth Protection.”    The topics of discussion will include substance abuse; bullying prevention; mental health services addressing depression, suicide awareness and suicide prevention.  Several community service providers will be present to answer questions and help individuals to access services.  The event will take place at Springville High School, 1205 East 900 South Springville Utah, in the auditorium beginning at 6:30 p.m.". 

Your student may receive detention credit with prior approval from the school administration.

Dessert, Dancing, and a Show

Written by Sarah Sullivan

Every spring a fundraiser is held for Payson Junior High’s amazing band.  It is themed to follow Glenn Miller from Europe in WWII.  This years was decked out, complete with flag decorations, carnival cutouts, and desserts fit for a king.  There was swing dance, big band songs, and a few piano pieces.  The vibes were great, and the music was, too.

Student Gov Gets Lots of Love!

Written by Haven Johansen

Every year, Payson Junior High holds a week of Student Government elections for those who wish to plan and execute the events at our school. There is a lot of tough competition and everybody has to bring their game- there are posters, flyers, t shirts, pins, candy, and catchy slogans everywhere. Those who are voted in by the members of their grade are filled with good ideas and enthusiasm for life at school. Everybody has to prove that they will do great things for PJHS.

Students Hike to Big Tree

Written by Ruby Baird

On Tuesday, May 20th 35 students left at 6 in the morning to go hike Big Tree. Big tree is no walk in the park. The students had to qualify in order to go. Mr Archer said the fitness testing was easier then the hike itself. The fitness testing includes running and doing bleachers. About ¼ of a mile was strenuous, you had to go up this really steep hill.

Yearbook Speculation

Written by Haven Johansen

Well, guys, another great school year is coming to a close. Countless memories have been made and we are so grateful to those who took the liberty of running around frantically taking pictures and interviewing people so that we could remember everything. THANK YOU to this year’s amazing yearbook staff and Mr. Higa!