Stellar September Students


Each month, teachers vote on which students excelled and really stood out in each of their content areas: Students of the Month. The excellent students for September are as follows:

Science- 7th: Weston Amos, 8th: Mollie Brown, and 9th: Abby Ellsworth. Language Arts- 7th: Wendy Camba, 8th: Bailey Ekins, and 9th: Hagen Thomas. Boys PE- 7th Kaden Mecham, 8th Austin Bailey, and 9th Justin Sauceda. Girls PE- 7th: Ruby Baird, 8th Whitlee Monroe, and 9th: Ashley Jensen.

Math- 7th: Gavin Hoffman, 8th: Brock Elmer, and 9th: Alyssa Behrend. Social Studies- 7th: Hernan Cisneros, 8th: Micah Ashton, and 9th: Tyler Jones. Fine Arts- 7th: Corbin Tharp, 8th: Rhett Meek, and 9th: Chantelle Wilkinson. Library- 7th: Lors Burton, 8th: Kaitlyn Ohman, and 9th: Tambi Clark. Career and Tech- 7th: Ty Petty, 8th: Megan Hall, and 9th: Jared Hanks.

The following students were chosen as overall students of the month from their entire grade: 7th: Ruby Baird, 8th: Brock Elmer, and 9th Justin Sauceda.

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work and dedication in the classroom!