Grizzly Update - August 23, 2017

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to hear the pitter patter of teenaged feet around the school again.  We hope your summer was great and full of adventure.  As we begin another school year, we just want to remind everyone of our many social media sites.  Please go onto these sites and “like” or following Payson Junior High.  This will help you keep up to date with the many wonderful things happening here at Payson Junior High. 

Social Media

Please check us out on any of these social media sites!



Instagram- grizzly.nation

 Picture Day is coming!

Picture day is this Friday, August 25th!

Watch for picture packets coming home this week.


Drama Club

Drama will have a Parent Meeting next Tuesday after school, Aug 29. It will be a Meet and Greet, Organize the Drama Mommas & Pappas, and introduce the Fall Production. It will be from 3:15-3:45pm in the Drama room.

Talk to Ms. Gregory with any questions.

 Cross Country

Cross country parent meeting on Friday (August 25th) after school in the Media Center.

Cross country practice stars Tuesday, August 29

Talk to Mrs. Bragg for more information!

 Girl’s Tennis

Girls Tennis will start Tuesday August 29 at 3 PM. Meet in Mr. Hatch's room B-55 after school. Please come dressed ready to play. 

School Community Council

We are in the middle of elections for School Community Council.  Please stop by the office and fill out a ballot.  Voting will continue through the end of this week. 


Afterschool Clubs

After school clubs will be starting on Tuesday August 29th. Registration forms will be given out during club time. Registration fees for the year can be paid with Mrs. Allen in the finance office. The fee for registration is $20 for the entire year. Look for flyers in the hallways or see Miss Ogden in room C-66 for more information. Here are the clubs currently being offered: 

 Tuesdays-Star Wars* and Scratch Coding 

Wednesdays-Wrestling prep, Engineering Crafts, and Archaeology 
Thursdays-Robotics and Holiday crafts 

Fridays- Foods 

 There are also homework help clubs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 7:20-7:50 and Thursday afternoons. Keep listening for more announcements about more clubs starting later this year.

 For more information concerning clubs please contact Miss Ogden:

*Awesome. Star Wars club starts on Tuesday (August 29th) after school. All after school groups meet in Ms. Ogden's room to gather first. 

 The Loafer Mountain Hike

The Loafer Mountain Hike is September 8th!  Students that haven't hiked with Mr. Archer need to qualify by passing a physical & written test on 8/29 or 8/31 to be eligible.  

Contact Mr. Archer if you have any questions.


I run Early Morning Basketball Friday mornings at 6 am, starting 9/1.  These are open gyms and all are welcome.

 September 13th will be the first Badminton tournament of the year.  This is a doubles tournament and all are welcome.

Contact Mr. Archer if you have any questions.

  7th Grade Student Council Elections

Coming soon!

Watch for more information and applications. 

Questions contact Mrs. Holt

 PJHS: Box Tops for Education

· For every 10 Box Tops you bring into your Den Time (3rd period) class you get a 5-point Extra Credit Coupon to use in any of your classes (with teacher’s acceptance). If you happen to bring in more than 50 Box Tops, then you will also receive a Free Homework Pass (on top of the 5 extra credit coupons).

· Extra Credit coupons will not be replaced if  lost or stolen—so keep it safe and redeem as soon as you know which class you would like to use the extra credit in.

· The Extra Credit coupon will not expire until the end of the school year.

· All Box Tops will be collected on the last Monday of the term, and Box Tops will not be carried over from term to term—so save up 10 Box Tops before you turn them in.

 NOTE: Teachers are not required to accept coupons for extra credit —so please check with teacher before presenting it.  Also, you may combine more than one coupon for a class.

Grizzly Update: January 3, 2017

Mr. Blake Mortensen

PJHS Parents and Students,


We appreciate your patience with the late start today! Also our phone system is really having a hard time, if your student needs to be excused, please call and leave a message or try again later.

It is really hard to get back into the swing of school but we only have 8 days before the term is over! Please help your student(s) to get on top of their grades before it is all said and done. This term ends quickly!

Grizzly Update - December 13, 2016


PJHS Parents and Students,


What a busy time of the year! There is so much to enjoy, hopefully you can take time to take in a choir concert, basketball game or wrestling match and support our great students who have worked so hard! Also, any money contributed in our Money Wars goes to local families. Please continue to encourage your students to stay up on their classes. We are down to 7 days before Christmas and 8 days after before the new semester begins!

Social Media

Grizzly Update 12-6-2016

Blake Mortensen

PJHS Parents and Students,


Please plan on coming to Parent Conference tomorrow night, Wednesday, Dec. 7th. This is a great time to meet with teachers and continue to make plans for your students success.

December is always a busy month, we encourage you to continue to stay involved in your students education. You continue to be the best influence in your students life for success. We appreciate all your efforts.

Social Media

November 9 Grizzly Update


PJHS Parents and Students,


Term 2 is off and running! As we get Term 2 started, please continue to stay up with assignments and projects. This will help stop the end of the term stress!  Many students are already missing more than 3 assignments in a class. Check out student grades on

Social Media

Please check us out on any of these social media sites!

Grizzly Update November 1

Blake Mortensen

PJHS Parents and Students,

Term 1 down! Parents and students remember to stay on top of your school work as a new terms starts! It is much easier to stay up with the class than to have to catch up!


Safe Utah


Dear Parents: