School Community Council

School Community Council

 State law requires that each public school has a "School Community Council." This council is comprised of parents, school faculty and school administrators. One of the principle responsibilities of this council is to determine how "Trust Land Funds" will be used.

One of the very successful committees here at Payson Junior High is our Community Council. The Community Council includes parents, faculty members, and the PTA president, and is dedicated to the improvement of the school.

The general direction of the school is guided by the council, with decisions made regarding the use of Trust Lands monies, implementation of the School Improvement Plan, approval of fees charged for school events, suggestions for improvement of classroom instruction, and making many other decisions and suggestions to the school for the betterment of the students.

Location & Time

Meetings for the Payson Junior High School Community Council will be held on the second Tuesday of every month in the Faculty Room.  The meeting will start at 3:00 PM.  

Meeting Schedule

SCC Members for 2012/2013

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Minutes From Meetings


Payson Junior High School Trust Land Year End Summary 2011-2012

Many classes have benefited with the use of technology. Many old computers were replaced, as well as some of the first video projectors that were installed in our building. All of our classrooms are fitted with projectors that are hooked to a computer and DVD system. Along with this we have continued to replace old chalkboards with white boards. This allows for a less messy classroom, and it is easier to read the writing on the whiteboards.

As with past years we have used Trust Land money to partially fund our ESL technician and also fund our piano player for the choir classes. This has been an ongoing expense and has proven to be a wise use of money for our school.

The last area that involved the use of Trust Land money is that of teacher in-service. With new curriculum and technology we have been used Trust Land money to fund summer training classes for some of our departments. This has happened the last two years and really has encouraged our departments to collaborate and work on lessons together. 

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