Student Gov Gets Lots of Love!

Written by Haven Johansen

Every year, Payson Junior High holds a week of Student Government elections for those who wish to plan and execute the events at our school. There is a lot of tough competition and everybody has to bring their game- there are posters, flyers, t shirts, pins, candy, and catchy slogans everywhere. Those who are voted in by the members of their grade are filled with good ideas and enthusiasm for life at school. Everybody has to prove that they will do great things for PJHS.

So let’s not forget Beach Day, Neon-themed dances, and an all around school pride- we give the credit to this year’s wonderful student council. The events mentioned above are just a few of all of the fun experiences they have given us. We as a school have been lucky to have such hard workers in Student Gov. Thank you to everyone who made it all possible!

As for next year, congratulations to all those elected- for eighth grade we have Brock Sorensen, Holly Mills, and Logan Bennett, and for ninth- Kaisley Theobald, Claire Rowley, Tayt Kearl, and Megan Dixon! You guys will do a fantastic job and have worked so hard to get those well deserved votes!