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Grizzlies Shine in School Talent Show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 12:28
Justin Soceda, pictured above, performs his realistic robot dance..JPG

At Payson Junior High School, several students participated in a school talent show on Tuesday, October 22. The acts ranged from comedy, dancing, piano, singing, and much more! The audience had a wonderful time observing the show, and loved all of the acts.

Liz Olsen, a 9th grader at PJHS, said “My favorite act was Justin Soceda. He was a very realistic robot! He was awesome!”  Emily Petty, another 9th grade student, added, “I really liked the Rubik’s Cube girls! It takes bodacious skills to complete one of those so quickly! And it was cool because my sister Sabrina was one of the girls.”

 Tyler Higa, a teacher who organized the event, thanked his staff for helping and said,"The Student Council and Yearbook did such a great job at organizing the Talent Show and it was very tough to narrow down all the auditions we had. The school is just so talented I wish there was a way to give everyone a chance to perform. Both participants and those who organized it worked so hard and I believe it showed in their performance. It was so fun and I would sum up the hard work and effort of everyone in a quote by Tory Burch when she says, 'It's a talent to recognize talent in others and give them the forum to shine.' And the Grizzlies sure shined in the Talent Show this year.” 

Every act was filled with talent and personality. Congratulations to all of the students who mustered the courage to share their talents!