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January 2011

Payson Junior High Wrestlers Excel in Local Tournament

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/19/2011 - 08:40

The Payson Junior High wrestling team recently took first place at the Bo Wilson Memorial Dual wrestling tournament held at Salem Hills High School.  The 12-team tournament featured many of the top junior high wrestling teams from around the state; teams were matched against other teams with each team wrestling 6 other teams.  The Payson Junior High team won all 6 of their matches beating Altamont, Juab, Pleasant Grove, Brighton, Mountain Crest, and Delta.

Riley Loveless, Aaron McNaughton, McCay Savage, McCoy Cary, Chazz Haveron, and Brian Hoschouer all went undefeated throughout the day and won first place medals.

Jesse Schromges, Josh Jensen, Heber Shepherd, and John Harmon, Seth Sorenson, and Colton Stulce won 5 of their six matches to earn second place honors.

Danny Vigil, Alex Vigil, and Garret Jackson won 4 of their matches to take third place.

Riley Loveless pinned all six of his opponents and received the most pins award for the tournament.  McCoy Cary was awarded one of the outstanding wrestler awards for his outstanding performance in the tournament.  Aaron McNaughton was given the Heart of a Champion award which is awarded to the Payson wrestler that exhibited the most heart, leadership, and camaraderie throughout the tournament.

A number of Payson Junior High Wrestlers also did well in the JV wrestling tournament: Cade Osborn. Colton Shepherd, and Brady Barker took home first place medals; Dane Draper and Gunner Mortensen both took second place and Brandon Cole third.

Payson Junior High Holds Annual Talent Show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 01/06/2011 - 15:01
Curtis Burton
Skyler Rushton, a ninth-grade student at PJHS, performs at the school's annual talent show.

Payson Junior High recently held its annual talent show, and the participating students showed how truly talented they are.  Judging by the thunderous applause and cheers that came from the student, faculty, and parent audience in attendance, everyone was impressed with what the talent on display. Seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grader students performed various talents. The talents performed included singing, dancing, piano playing, guitar strumming, drumming, bagpipe playing, and even tumbling. 

The show consisted of several great student performances: Brytney Rosser (vocal performance); Kris and Megan Anderson (sisters, vocal performance); Jamie Finch (vocal performance) accompanied by Preston Lange (piano); Danielle Gubler (vocal performance); Emily Garrett (piano performance); Natalia Dorado, Yazzmin Rosales, Jazzmin Flores, Jessica Redmond,, Carolina Redmond, Michelle Zamora, Ana Lopez, Guadalupe Gonzalez, Fabiola Figueroa, Gema Albor, and Maria Lara (dance number); Jalon Watts (vocal performance); Alex Thompson, April Jensen, Kalee Doyl, and Lexi Drummond (lip sync); Chase Healey and Damon Bean (vocal duet); Jenna Wright (piano performance); Amber Ringer, Becca Brown, Taelyr Bair, and Aubrey Nelson (dance number); Jessica Bastean (vocal performance); Ms. Ericksen, Josh Evans, Michael Sonderegger, McKay Savage, Chase Healey, Megan Snow, Austin Peck, Alex Peck, Kayla Hawkins, Nathan Heaps, Tyson Prince, Bailey Carter, and Kassidy Evans (drumming group); Maris Mortensen (vocal performance); Skyler Rushton (bagpipe performance); Karly Mecham, Talyr Mortensen, and Shaelyn Waters (dance performance); Sierra Steele, Haley Gonzalez, McKenzie Muniz, Sierra Monroe, Katelyn Boothe, and Emily Hallett (dance performance); Caitlin Oberg, Taylor Salazar, and Sierra Davis (tumbling); Megan Snow and David Green (guitar performance); Mr. Plaisted, Emily Petty, Jazz Vasquez, Tat Grinshaw, David Green, Junior Murillo, Allison Chapa, and Anna Fordiani (rock band performance).

Haylee Coombs, a ninth-grade student at PJHS, commented on the show saying, “PJHS has a lot of talented students.  It was great to see how talented our classmates are.”  Preston Lange a ninth-grade performer in the show said, “I was nervous, I felt like throwing up as I waited for my turn, but it was also fun and exciting.”  Alex Thompson, also a ninth-grade performer, said of the performance, “It took a lot of work to get ready for our song (a lip sync to Queen’s “New Bohemian Rhapsody”), but it was a lot of fun practicing with friends.  And we got the reaction we wanted.”  

            Mrs. Gifford, Payson Junior High School’s student council advisor, expressed her appreciation to all the students that participated in the show: "I was so impressed with the preparation and professionalism of each act. They did an OUTSTANDING job, and wowed all the students and staff!"

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