Fall Fling is Fantastic

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/27/2009 - 11:49
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The Payson Junior High Music Department presented its annual fall concert on October 13, 2009. The concert this fall was titled “Fall Fling: The Rhythm of Life” and it featured the school’s Perfect Harmony Choir, seventh-grade, eighth-grade, and ninth-grade choirs, as well as a number of soloists and duets.

Mrs. Bolz, the choir director at Payson Junior High, was very pleased with all the performances and she gave special recognition to those who performed solos; in her words they were, “Excellent!” The soloists included Chase Healey who sang “I’ve Got to Find Out Who I Am”, Austin Perry who sang “Waiting for the Light to Shine”, and Jessica Bastean who sang “Learn to be Lonely”, with Avery Daley and Angela Hickman singing a duet: “Our Song”.

In a night full of highlights, one highlight that certainly stood out was the performance of the seventh-grade choir’s performance of “Dance Revolution”. The number was choreographed and was definitely a crowd favorite as the seventh-grade choir not only sang but showed their dancing skills as well.

The night concluded with all the choirs combined singing “The Rhythm of Life” and “The National Anthem”. The audience got a great show and will definitely be looking forward to the music department’s future performances in November and December.

Curtis Burton