Principal’s Reading Marathon

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 15:06

On Saturday September 19, Mr. Swenson will be running the Top Of Utah Marathon located in Logan, Utah.  This race is 26.2 miles long. He would like to challenge the students of PJHS to read 26 minutes a day.

Students who read at least 26 minutes a day will be entered into a drawing for prizes.  The more days that students read 26 minutes, the more entries students will have in the drawing.  Also, all students who qualify for the drawing the week of Sept. 14 to Sept. 18 can guess Mr. Swenson’s finishing time.  There will be prizes for the students who guess the closest time.  The time spread for all of his marathons has been between 3 hours 40 minutes and 4 hours and 20 minutes.  Mr. Swenson’s time last year in the St. George Marathon was 3:43:42 (hours:minutes:seconds).  His 2007 time was 3:47:42.  Notice that they time in seconds.  Only entries entered this week will be allowed to guess the finishing time.  If he can finish the race under 3:35:59, he will qualify to run in the Boston Marathon.

The Principal’s Reading Marathon will end on September 31.  The drawing will be during GAP on Friday October 2.  Students start reading 26 minutes per day and get your daily entry turned in.  The GAP teachers will have entry forms.  Entry blanks will also be available in the office.  Students can turn entry forms in to the GAP teacher or at the office.  Parents or teachers must sign the entry form that students have completed their daily reading.

Some of the prizes will be iPods, movie passes, sport equipment and other awards.

See Mr. Swenson in the hall on Friday to wish him luck.  He will be wearing some running clothes to get ready for the race. He will appreciate your support.

Start reading today.