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Submitted by allison.mower on Tue, 03/03/2020 - 11:36
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We are so excited to celebrate our February Students of the Month!  

Banin Lee-  Banin is always prepared and on task in Art! He is there ready to work and be his best creative self! He is respectful and kind to the people around him! AWESOME Student!  He is a fantastic student. He works hard, has a great attitude, and is a good example to all of the students around him. He makes every classroom a better place.Zandile Kauro- Zandi is a joy to have in class.   She is positive, friendly, works hard and always participates with enthusiasm.  She is so kind to all around her and is always willing to help out! She seeks to learn and listen while keeping an eye out for others who may feel left out. Zandi is one of the best!!Alakea Petersen- Alakea is a very brave, smart and kind student.  She is one of two girls in my Exploring Technology class with 30 boys.  She holds her own and is an example of hard work and smart intellect in my class.  She has excelled in my class and has been willing to lead her table in various activities and kindly help those who struggle with assignments.  Her parents have raised a very responsible and kind daughter.Jace Hooley-Jace Hooley is an excellent worker! He did a wonderful job on our last essay and really helped his classmates with theirs. He is always on time and he works hard in class.  Jace is a phenomenal student with a lot of great qualities.  He obviously does really well in school.  He has a great work ethic and he shows that school is very important to him.  He participates in class and knows so much about the content we discuss in class.  He will be a good teacher someday.  He also is respected and liked by his peers.  Hayden Jacobson- I have found Hayden Jacobson to be a quiet powerhouse of a student.  Though quiet and always respectful, Hayden is a deep thinker, excellent student, powerful friend and role model to his peers.  Recently at our school science fair, Hayden presented an awesome project on Kombucha.  His efforts earned him first place in the Biology & Biochemistry category and an invitation to present his project at the Nebo School District science fair on February 19th in Springville.  I am honored to have the opportunity to nominate Hayden Jacobson as a student of the month.Alli Blake- Alli is a great student! She comes to class happy and ready to work every day.  Her positive attitude, great work ethic, and growth mindset is what makes her so successful in everything she does. She is a wonderful student. She always goes above and beyond in her work, and tries her best to succeed. More importantly, Alli is a phenomenal human being-one that spreads kindness and positivity wherever she goes. She actively looks for those that need help and tries to uplift her peers. She is creative and artistic and kind and sweet and all things wonderful. Our school and our world are better places because Alli Blake is here!