Payson Junior High Wrestlers Excel in Local Tournament

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/19/2011 - 08:40

The Payson Junior High wrestling team recently took first place at the Bo Wilson Memorial Dual wrestling tournament held at Salem Hills High School.  The 12-team tournament featured many of the top junior high wrestling teams from around the state; teams were matched against other teams with each team wrestling 6 other teams.  The Payson Junior High team won all 6 of their matches beating Altamont, Juab, Pleasant Grove, Brighton, Mountain Crest, and Delta.

Riley Loveless, Aaron McNaughton, McCay Savage, McCoy Cary, Chazz Haveron, and Brian Hoschouer all went undefeated throughout the day and won first place medals.

Jesse Schromges, Josh Jensen, Heber Shepherd, and John Harmon, Seth Sorenson, and Colton Stulce won 5 of their six matches to earn second place honors.

Danny Vigil, Alex Vigil, and Garret Jackson won 4 of their matches to take third place.

Riley Loveless pinned all six of his opponents and received the most pins award for the tournament.  McCoy Cary was awarded one of the outstanding wrestler awards for his outstanding performance in the tournament.  Aaron McNaughton was given the Heart of a Champion award which is awarded to the Payson wrestler that exhibited the most heart, leadership, and camaraderie throughout the tournament.

A number of Payson Junior High Wrestlers also did well in the JV wrestling tournament: Cade Osborn. Colton Shepherd, and Brady Barker took home first place medals; Dane Draper and Gunner Mortensen both took second place and Brandon Cole third.