Payson Junior High School’s Latinos in Action Club Making a Difference

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/21/2011 - 10:07


Payson Junior High’s Latinos in Action club has had a very positive impact on the local community this year.  The club organized with the purpose of getting students involved in the community through service oriented activities.  Members of the club volunteer their service in a number of ways.  This year, the club has done a lot of volunteer work at Park View Elementary.  Members of the club volunteer at the school each day helping students with guided reading and at times math practice. 

Members of the club also took part in the annual Latinos in Action Conference which takes place at Utah Valley University.  The purpose of the conference is to highlight student accomplishments and provide information that will help students make the transition into post high school education.  Members of Payson Junior High’s and Payson High’s Latinos in Action clubs played significant roles in the conference by delivering rousing speeches for making a difference in our communities.  Such a speech was delivered by Payson High, and former Payson Junior High student, Ramiro Salazar at this year’s conference.

Mr. Sorenson, an administrative assistant at Payson Junior high and mentor to the club, has seen firsthand the good things the club has accomplished.  “Latinos in Action has given our students a stage to share their talents.  LIA students have been able to use their bilingualism to help younger students gain valuable reading skills.  We love LIA at our school and we are very proud of all they have been able to do this year here at our school and for the students at Park View.”

Andres Salazar had this to say about the club, ”Latinos in Action is a great opportunity and it shows dedication to the school’s Latinos.”

There are 18 members in this year’s Latinos in Action Club: Cesar Valencia, Francisco Valencia, Roberto Cortez, Andres Salazar, Diana Quintano, Charlie Ortega, Griselda Martinez, Jonathan Vargas, Ana Lopez, Manuel Espinoza, Yazmin Rosales, Eluney Peve, Wendy Munoz, Michelle Zamora, Kelly Martinez, Dayan Solis, and Erik Garcia.         

Curtis Burton