Upcoming Events/Opportunities at PJHS

Submitted by chris.killpack on Tue, 04/25/2023 - 08:42
PJHS Grizzly News For the Week of 04/25/23 Upcoming Events

Grizzly Update - Apr. 25th, 2023
Upcoming Events:
April 25th  Track Meet at Salem Hills High School 2:00 pm
April 27th  Tennis vs. Springville at Springville High
April 27th  Freshman Soccer @ Timpview 4:00 pm
April 27th  Fine Arts Gala 5:30 pm
May 01st  Freshman Soccer @ RSL Academy 3:30 pm
May 02nd Tennis vs. Mapleton
May 04th  Track Meet at Maple Mountain High School 2:00 pm
May 04th  Tennis vs. Salem at Salem Hills High
May 09th  Band Concert 7 pm
May 11th  FFA Banquet 3 pm
May 11th  Choir Concert 7 pm
May 18th  Lagoon Field Trip
May 16th/17th  Chromebook Check-In

Reminders from the Media Center
1.  As we finish the end of level testing, remind your children to eat a good breakfast and do their very best on each test.
2.  The last day to check out books from the library is May 1st.
3.  All library books must be returned to the library by May 5th, in good condition, in order to avoid any fines.
4.  Chromebook check-in will be May 16-17 during school.  Chromebooks must be returned in good condition to avoid fines.  All fines must be paid if a student wants to receive their yearbook on the early distribution date.  Please take care of fines ASAP!

Fine Arts Gala
Our Fine Arts department is putting on a special show this Thursday, April 27th. Doors open at 5:30 and attendees will get to experience the amazing works of art that students have created this year on display in our cafetorium. Additionally, our choir, orchestra, band, theater and dance company will be performing numbers this evening. This is a ticketed and best dress event so make sure your students pick up their tickets to allow their guests entry. 

Summer Swimming
Summer Swim Registration and Tryouts are currently open. Register through Payson City Recreation. Swim Team meets every morning for June and July. This is a great opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be on the high school swim team. There will be a tryout to be on the high school swim team this year. We will not be taking swimmers without any swimming experience. Summer swim team is a great place to get that experience. They also offer lessons if you are not able to sign up for the whole summer.

Lagoon Field Trip
Our Lagoon Field trip is coming up next month on Thursday, May 18th. The cost for tickets to the park and the round trip bus ride will be a total of $75 dollars. The cost for just the bus ride is $25. Tickets will be sold starting on May 8th and will be available through May 16th. To be eligible to purchase a ticket, students can not have more than 2 hours of detention time, all outstanding student fees need to be paid, and students can’t have any F grades for the fourth term (as of May 8th when we begin selling tickets). Eligible students will receive a notification in class on May 5th that will allow them to start purchasing tickets. Get that detention made up and keep your grades at D or better!

School Fees are Due
All fees and fines will need to be paid by May 5th to avoid Lagoon and yearbook interruptions. Fees can be paid online at www.myschoolfees.com or at the finance 7:30-2:45 Monday through Friday.