Upcoming Events/Opportunities at PJHS

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PJHS Grizzly News For the Week of 01/04/22 Upcoming Events


Grizzly Update - Jan. 5, 2021

Upcoming Events:  

Jan. 05  Wrestling @ Springville 3:30 pm

Jan. 06  Dance Performance @ PHS 7:00 pm 

Jan. 06  Girls Basketball vs. Provo 3:30 pm

Jan. 10  Boys/Girls Basketball @ Salem 3:30 pm

Jan. 10  District Wrestling Finals @ Mapleton Jr. 3:00 pm

Jan. 10  Doubles Badminton Tournament

Jan. 11  Boys Basketball @ Cedar Valley 5:15 pm

Jan. 13  Last Day of 2nd Term

Jan. 14  Teacher Development Day - No School

Jan. 17  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School

Doubles Badminton Tournament

Doubles Badminton Monday the 10th after school (2:30-5:30).  Rackets and birds provided.  All are welcome.  Sign up with Mr. Archer or at eric [dot] archer [at] nebo [dot] edu

Student Weekly Challenge

With the first half of the year coming to an end next week, we challenge students who have semester classes ending next week (Health, PE, Art, etc.) to thank their teachers for the work they’ve done this year.

9th Grade Parking Announcement for PHS

Attention future sophomores: We look forward to you joining students at Payson High School next year. This summer, we begin construction on the new Payson High School. During construction, parking will be limited to Seniors and Juniors only. We strongly encourage using the bus, carpooling, or walking. We wanted to give you an early heads up on this to plan accordingly.