Students of the Month

Submitted by chris.killpack on Fri, 02/11/2022 - 10:55
Students of the Month

9th grade: 
Leah Sorenson----Where do I start with Leah? Leah is one of the nicest girls I know! I have never seen her be rude or disrespectful to anyone. She is always willing to let other students join in and makes them feel wanted and comfortable. She is always bubbly and happy, very rarely do you see her without a smile on her face. I love the confidence that she has to always be herself! Great job Leah, and keep on being YOU!  -Mrs. Paxton
Tyson Dean----Tyson works hard as a student and does really well in class. But even better than that, he is kind and friendly everyday! He is genuine and interesting! He makes so many cool things like necklaces and bracelets out of wire and I'm so impressed with his creativity! I wish I had 100 Tyson's in my classes but then there's only one as great as Tyson!  -Mrs. M. Hansen
8th grade: 
Lexi Carter---- Lexi is in my 5th Period English Class and she is so much fun. She has a great attitude and the other students get along well with her. I can't imagine that class without her! She absolutely deserves to be a student of the month.  -Mr. Mormann
Junior Urzua---- Junior always comes to class with a smile, and positive attitude, ready to work. He always contributes positively to class discussions, and is quick to help anyone around him that needs help. He is a great example to his fellow students and a pleasure to work with! He really brightens up any room he is in with his kindness and enthusiasm!  -Mr. D. Smith