• Report Cards
    • Reports cards are issued 4 times a year at term’s end.
    • Progress reports may be picked up at parent/teacher conferences.
    • Parents may access their child’s grade at any time on the internet using SIS Web from the Nebo School District website.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Parent-teacher conferences are held during the school year to discuss the academic and citizenship progress of each student (see calendar for dates).

 Appointments with teachers or counselors

  • If a parent needs to meet with a teacher or a counselor they should call the school for an appointment during office hours at 465-6015.


  • Violations of school policies may result one or more of the following consequences:
    • Student Conference with Administrator
    • Confiscation of dangerous or nuisance items
    • Parents may be called and informed of student behavior
    • Students may be asked to clean up in and around the school
    • Parent Conference may be called to discuss options
    • Behavior contract may be instituted
    • Lunch Detention may be required
    • Student may be referred to the Skill Building or SUCCESS program
    • In-School Suspension
    • Out of School Suspension
    • Referral to Payson City Youth Court
    • Referral to Payson City Police Department and/or Juvenile Court
    • Alternative Placement may be arranged
    • Referral to Nebo School District for possible further consequences
  • Administrative Consequences will be based on the severity of the incident, whether the action represents a pattern of offense, and on the attitude and cooperation of the student involved.