Grizzly Club



In an effort to reward students for good attendance, academic excellence, and responsible citizenship, the Grizzly Club has been created. Students who meet all of the following requirements will become a member of the Grizzly Club and are able to enjoy the benefits of membership in this exclusive organization.
  • Grades
    • A student is to have at least a 2.0 grade point average.
    • A student may have no F’s at the end of the term.
  • Attendance
    • A student must be in attendance 90% of the term (excused or unexcused). This equates to approximately no more than 40 period absences allowed per term.
    • A student may not have more than one unexcused tardy in any one class.
    • A student may choose to make up tardies by serving lunch detention.
  • Citizenship
    • A student may not have an N or U on their citizenship grade in any class.
  • Receive a treat each term (donuts, cookies, ice cream, etc).
  • Half-price entrance to a school sponsored dance.
  • Free Tardy (One time only, Present to teacher and tardy will be excused).
  • Homework assignment excused (One time only, must be presented at time assignment is due, only applies to daily work, may not be used for tests, projects, or other work not approved by teacher).
  • Other rewards and incentives may be announced.

 Grizzly Club members will also be eligible to participate in a Grizzly Rewards Activity (there will be one each term). This may include a movie, skating, bowling, or other activity (The student will pay a fee to attend of $5 or less)

**Students must qualify each term to be eligible for the activity the next term. For example, a student must qualify first term to be eligible for the activity that takes place during second term.