Rachel Holt - February 2018 PEAK Award Winner

Principal Swenson, Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Gillie, Mrs. Bragg

PJHS teacher extraordinaire, Mrs. Holt, recieved a PEAK award this month for her dedication to and hard work for the students and other faculty at Payson Jr. High School.

“Mrs. Holt goes above and beyond the call of duty. Although her increasingly busy home life (she is a mother of two beautiful children!) pulls her home more and more, she fights it and recommits herself to her profession daily. While she is at school, she is 100% at school. She juggles three different courses--Honors English for seventh grade, keyboarding, and student council."

“First, in Honors English she is the queen of engaging extra activities. So many teachers feel the pressure of the state core, and feel like it doesn’t allow time for the 'fun things'--Mrs. Holt makes time! Her students are always excited and engaged with their content because of her. She isn’t afraid to spend a little time on creative, artistic and fun things because she knows that’s how students will retain their learning. Her students produce impressive projects that really show their learning, and she proudly displays them in the hallways of the school. Her enthusiastic and creative ideas have definitely spread throughout our English Department."

'Keyboarding wasn’t a course that Mrs. Holt ever aspired to teach. There was a need, she was asked, and she filled it! She worked in her first few years on the extra teaching certification, along with the other million things new teachers are asked to do, to be able to teach it, and teach it well. She is always trying new things to motivate and capture her students to become excellent typists, including 'Blackout Wednesday' and other silly and motivating days."

“With the student council students, Mrs. Holt expects excellence, and that’s what she gets. Her students always do a great job creating uplifting events and advertising them. They are so professional on the morning announcements and at school assemblies--and you know it's because of Mrs. Holt behind the scenes!"

“Mrs. Holt brings so much to her classes and to the school. She is beloved among students, staff and parents. Her positivity uplifts everyone around her, and we are all inspired by her desire to do good. Mrs. Holt exemplifies excellence in teaching.”

Thank you for everything you do, Mrs. Holt!