Nature Grooves

Written by Sarah Sullivan

The Payson Junior High Choirs Presented “All Nature Sings.”  This amazing event happened Thursday, February 27, 2014 in the Payson Junior High School Auditorium.  It was Directed by the wonderful choir teacher Ingrid Bolz, with the just as amazing accompanist Janice Lindsey.

It was a wonder-filled night with three solos by Julia Reber who sang “Landslide,” Abby Garrett who sang “Hang, on Little Tomato,” and Ezra Bird who sang ”Twilight on the Trail.”  They ended strong with a combined choir singing, and dancing to the upbeat anthem “Eye of the Tiger.”

"I think each choir has learned a lot this term.  It is very gratifying to me to see progress in our performance abilities as the school year unfolds,” says Mrs. Bolz,  “I am very proud of those who sang solos last night also!!  And of course I totally enjoyed watching all my awesome students sing and dance to "Eye of the Tiger", which we sang twice last night!!  I want to say thanks to all of our talented, hard working students here at Payson Jr. High.”


A Day For Science

Written by Haven Johansen

The Nebo School District science fair was a smashing success. Students spent two months putting countless hours into becoming experts in the project of their choosing.

Payson Junior High offered up its own round of scientists- Kenji Heimuli, Aubrey Carroll, Nathan Reeves, Benton Staheli, Weston Amos and Gabe Doyle.

Two ninth graders and one seventh grader will be moving on to the BYU Science Fair- Aubrey Carroll studied the effects of typing speed of piano players and non-piano players. Nathan Reeves built a prototype to stop the washing machine from getting off balance and violently shaking. Benton Staheli studied the effects of musical pitch on mold growth.

“Doing the science fair and passing district was an amazing experience. I was walking around before the fair and started to doubt my project. After hearing my name being called to move on, I had never felt so wrong!” Says 9th grader Aubrey Carroll.

All students worked very hard on their projects. They chose interesting topics and developed them into a presentation for the fair.

One of PJHS’ science teachers, Mrs. Anderson, says, “The science fair is a great opportunity that allows students to explore a topic that is interesting to them. I loved seeing the look of surprise on the student's faces when they found the results of their projects! I am so proud of all their hard works and efforts.”  


Students of the Month for January


The students at Payson Junior have been working hard this month, leaving teachers debating which students to recognize as Students of the Month. The task has been completed, and January’s top students are as follows:

Science- 7th: Sawyer Algers, 8th: Austin Hone, and 9th: Emily Walters. Language Arts- 7th: Rebecca Apgood 8th: Madison Houston, and 9th: Stephanie Tidwell. Girls PE- 7th: Brinn Loveless, 8th: Megan Lind, and 9th: Madison Bing. Boys PE- 7th: Orrin Ward, 8th: Elliot Evans, and 9th: Lorenzo Ruiz. Math- 7th: Joe Baxter, 8th: Daniel Cortez, and 9th Braxton Judd.

Social Studies- 7th: Mauri Blauer, 8th: Kathleen Olsen, and 9th: Valerie Cornwell. Fine Arts- 7th: Chloe Poulsen, 8th: Micah Toelupe, and 9th: Christian Herrera. Library- 7th: Garit Bibler, 8th: Kerstin Taylor, and 9th: Chay’Lyn Gordon. Career and Tech- 7th: Leslie Salas, 8th: Riley Redford, and 9th: Weston Banks. Special Education- 7th: Talin Wyler, 8th: Chloe Williams, and 9th: Tiaza Warden.

The overall students of the month, representing their entire grade, were: 7th: Chase Openshaw, 8th:Tayt Kearl, and 9th: Lucy Hales.

Congratulations to all of these honored students, and keep up the good work!



Champions are Made of Sugar, Spice, and Defense!

Written by Sarah Sullivan

On Thursday, February 6, Payson Junior High’s Freshman Girls Basketball Team had a special net-cutting ceremony to celebrate their place as District Champions.

The night before, the girls played Mapleton in the championship game, and ended up victorious with an overall score of 30-17. The high scorers were Lucy Hales with 9 points and Allison Pray with 8. But Coach Corbett, Assistant coach to the Lady Grizzlies, credited their success mostly to their defense. He said, “We had a team goal to hold each opponent to under 20 points- and we did it! They all worked so hard and they met that goal.”

In the pre-season they scored 0-3.  In the team won over Spanish Fork, and rival Mount Nebo, but lost to Mapleton.  “This game provided a new desire in the team to stay focused and close out opponents when they have the chance.” said Mr.Corbett the assistant coach.  The scored 529 total points this season, and had an 11 game winning streak,with an overall record of 13 wins, and 4 losses.  They are the new district champions, and to celebrate ‘cut the net’ on February sixth.  Every member of the team even signed a ball to keep in our trophy case, that can remind us of their dedication.  

At the net-cutting ceremony, Principal Swenson talked about how nervous he was at the game. He explained, “I was shaking, and I wasn’t even playing! But we are so proud… This came from a lot of work and a lot of time...You worked as a team and did it together! And you became friends off the court. These girls are all great examples to PJHS.”

Over the season there were injuries to key players Lucy Hale, and Alison Pray.  Inspite of the injuries the team was strong.  Mr. Corbett, and Mrs.Fox really enjoyed teaching these wonderful, dedicated girls.  They came to practice determined to improve themselves individually, and as a whole.  

The team members are Alexis Taylor, Larian Rosser, Amanda Rowley, Allison Pray, Kimberly Martin, Ashlyn Bollar, Jessalyn Etheridge, Lucy Hales, Abbie Smith, Sierra Bolton, Terissa Hamilton (who plays for Payson High’s team), and team managers Natalia Godinez, and Madison Bean.

The team’s love for the game, for their coaches, and for each other was apparent as spectators watched this wonderful celebration. They have worked incredibly hard all season and that work paid off! Congratulations ladies- you are champions!


Mentoring? What?

Written by Haven Johnansen

For 6 years, the mentoring program has helped struggling students gain better understanding of their educational and social skills. “It gives students a role model,”  says Janna Manookin, who is in charge of the program and was kind enough to give some inside information on how it all works.

The mentoring program is school based. Each at-risk student is matched to a trained volunteer, and once a week they spend 1 hour together. They spend the hour doing activities that interest the student and that will develop them culturally, artistically, or educationally.

Mentors have helped make drastic changes in a student’s outlook on life and schooling after just one school year. They help the child set goals, give guidance and support, supervise academic achievements, promote a healthy lifestyle and build social ability. Students better their attendance, their commitments to school and relationships, and experience a multitude of other improvements.

“It might be a little hard to connect at first, but give it a week and the mentor and student have a great relationship," Janna comments.

The program is in constant need of mentors. Janna comments that if 200 adults volunteered, they would have a student for all of them. To help a student in need of a role model, all you need to do is fill out an application. It requires optimism and honesty, as well as reliability. “It’s just like applying for a job. We have tons of different people signing up.” And everybody who enters the program gets a chance at a rewarding and successful relationship with a kid who needs some help.


December's Best at PJHS

December Students of the Month


Every month, Payson Junior High’s teachers are faced with the challenge to select students of the month. With so many excellent students attending Payson Junior, it can be difficult for teachers to select just one outstanding student! They accomplished this task and have chosen the following as December’s students of the month:

Science- 7th: Lora Burton & Cassandra John, 8th: Myranda Goodworth & Adalyn Coon, and 9th: Jacey Orme & Kyle Mott. Language Arts- 7th: Cody Zumbrennen, 8th: Eduardo Camba, and 9th: Lucy Hales. Girls PE- 7th: Alyssa Baker, 8th: Annalise Rice, and 9th: Madeline White.Boys PE- 7th: Chase Openshaw, 8th: Ethan Hatfield, and 9th: Tanner Kilpack.

Social Studies- 7th: Ashland Lowder, 8th: Kobey Evans, and 9th: Saige White. Fine Arts- 7th: Kaitlyn Sharp, 8th: Megan Neal, and 9th: Cali Bogan. Library- 7th: Porter Stulce, 8th Harley Huff, and 9th: Hanna Walker. Career and Tech- 7th: Emily Waters, 8th: Tayt Kearl, and 9th: Eli Jones.

The overall students of the month, representing their entire grade, were: 7th: Chase Openshaw, 8th:Tayt Kearl, and 9th: Lucy Hales.

Congratulations to you all for your work hard and dedication! You help Payson Junior to shine a little brighter!



New Year, New Clubs!

Written by Sarah Sullivan

I pledge my head to greater thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living.  For my club, my community my country, and my world. - The 4-H pledge.

4-H has started out great in the 2013-2014 school season.  There are many more clubs coming, so stay on the lookout, and make sure to register.  The next clubs to look out for include a Science Fair Club, a Swing/ Ballroom Dance club, a Glee club, and more Ping Pong!  Make sure to sign up for the clubs you want, because if not enough people sign up they have to be canceled.  So, don’t procrastinate, pick a date, and a club, hop to it, and sign up.

4-H is a lot of fun, and a great time to spend with friends.  So, make sure you participate in some clubs, and bring your friends, too.  You get to learn many new talents, and experience in things not offered as a class.  So come on down, participate, and make the most of your school experience!


Tis the Season to be Singing

Written by Myranda Goodworth

It was the Christmas choir concert Tuesday the 10th and also the final concert for our student teacher, Mrs.Ivie. She says; “I treasure each of these students individually, they have helped me flourish and I will miss them so much.” The concert was done wonderfully bringing the christmas spirit to the Payson High school auditorium.

Solos by Megan Neal, (Singing “Oh Holy Night”) Brandon Harris, (“Silver Bells”) and Owen Grimshaw (“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”) were done exceptionally with Mrs.Bolz commenting that, “They all worked so hard and it payed off in the end.”

The Arts department works hard on doing many different things, one of which included learning “Silent Night” in American Sign Language to perform. The soloists, Casssidy Radmall, Michelle Rushton, Kaitlyn Mikesell, Megan Rogers, Brookelynn Brailsford, Chloe Worthen, Rebecca Apbood, and Cassandra John, did a wonderful job expressing the song through the hand signals and emotions.

The choirs also performed at Orchard Hills and the new Veterans Hospital (Home) in Payson. A big thanks is sent to Mrs.Bolz and the choir department for helping our choirs garnish their talents and continue to do better and better all the time!


November Students of the Month

November Students of the Month


Each month, teachers vote on which students excelled and really stood out in each of their content areas. The excellent students for November are as follows:

Science- 7th: Ambria Watkins, 8th: Paisley Finch, and 9th: Jacey Orme. Boys PE- 7th: Trevor Moon, 8th: Hagen Wright, and 9th: Diego Tinoco.

Social Studies- 7th: Alyssa Baker, 8th: Jannely Fajardo, and 9th: Morgan Chappuis. Fine Arts- 7th: Ben Larsen, 8th: Carlie Jaussi, and 9th: Cody Robertson. Career and Tech- 7th: Javen Anderson, 8th: Abigail Lisonbee, and 9th: Rex Galloway.

The overall students of the month, representing their entire grade, were: 7th: Erin Miller, 8th:Kobey Evans, and 9th: Harrison Carr.

These students truly work hard and shine in the classroom! Congratulations to you all!



Running for Fun!

Written by Rachel Holt

Payson Junior High School focuses on excellence in all areas: personal, academic, and physical. As part of the annual Red Ribbon week, students and staff show their commitment to physical fitness by participating in a Fun Run. This year’s run took place on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 with 318 participants finishing the 2 mile race.

During Red Ribbon Week, schools focus on the importance of being drug free. The Grizzlies emphasized to students that they have greater opportunities and positive lifestyles when they stay away from drugs. This run is just one example of making good choices.

J.O. Braithewaite, teacher at Payson who organizes the run explained, “This has been a tradition at Payson Junior for 17 years. This year we had more teachers run than ever before, 18 in total. The weather was great and I am proud of all of the runners being brave enough to compete and have fun with our school community.”

The top ten finishers for each grade and gender were awarded t-shirts- a prize that all students get very competitive about! Those winners were as follows:

9th Grade Boys: 1st place-Tyler Manokin (11:21), Ivan Webber, Carson McNaughton, Kellis Johnson, Garrett Pullan, Micheal Rowley, Coleman Tanner, Justin Sauceda, Jose Sandoval, and Jace Jones. 9th Grade Girls: 1st place- Amanda Rowley (14:32), Sierra BBoulton, Lucy Hales, Necia Torres, Aubrey Carol, Perla Barreda, Keisha Palmer, Taylor Olsen, Morgan Chapuls, and Shayla Draper.

8th Grade Boys: 1st place- Matthew Vanmoos (11:47), Ryden Anderson, Levi John, Brandon Harris, Brendon Earl, Cody Ostler, Brock Bulkley, Wyatt Elmer, Clayton Peterson, and Chris Turner. 8th Grade Girls: 1st- Claire Rowley, Kobey Evans, Emily Rowley, Megan Hall, Abbie Jensen, Madison Mittleman, Rylie Norman, Mariah Webber, Jana Worthington, and Madison Houston.

7th Grade Boys: 1st Cole Peterson (11:49), Gideon Argyle, Kade Rowley, Zeke Mangum, Aiden Balzy, Logan Sorenson, Tregan Palmer, Raul Cisneros, William Wooten, and McClaine Nielson. 7th Grade Girls: 1st- Sara Wiberg (14:59), Ruby Baird, Kari Evans, Emily W, Katlyn Johnson, Brinn Loveless, Casandra Jon, Maddie Mitchell, Lexi Vorever, and Michelle Garcia.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this a wonderful event!