Stellar September Students


Each month, teachers vote on which students excelled and really stood out in each of their content areas: Students of the Month. The excellent students for September are as follows:

Science- 7th: Weston Amos, 8th: Mollie Brown, and 9th: Abby Ellsworth. Language Arts- 7th: Wendy Camba, 8th: Bailey Ekins, and 9th: Hagen Thomas. Boys PE- 7th Kaden Mecham, 8th Austin Bailey, and 9th Justin Sauceda. Girls PE- 7th: Ruby Baird, 8th Whitlee Monroe, and 9th: Ashley Jensen.

Math- 7th: Gavin Hoffman, 8th: Brock Elmer, and 9th: Alyssa Behrend. Social Studies- 7th: Hernan Cisneros, 8th: Micah Ashton, and 9th: Tyler Jones. Fine Arts- 7th: Corbin Tharp, 8th: Rhett Meek, and 9th: Chantelle Wilkinson. Library- 7th: Lors Burton, 8th: Kaitlyn Ohman, and 9th: Tambi Clark. Career and Tech- 7th: Ty Petty, 8th: Megan Hall, and 9th: Jared Hanks.

The following students were chosen as overall students of the month from their entire grade: 7th: Ruby Baird, 8th: Brock Elmer, and 9th Justin Sauceda.

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work and dedication in the classroom!



Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events: Picture Retakes Monday Sept. 23rd. Bring your picture packet if there is a reason to exchange, or money if you want to purchase a packet. Be sure to have your photo taken for the Student ID card and yearbook if you were absent before.

Upcoming Events: Friday, Sept. 20, the PTA has scheduled a Drive-In Movie at the PHS parking lot. This was a huge success last year, so plan to bring your family again this time around.

PJHS Girl's Tennis team is scheduled for two matches this week--Sept. 17 & 19th. Good luck, girls!

Upcoming Events: Parent Teacher Conferences will be held from 3:30 - 8:00 Thursday, Sept. 19 in the cafeteria at PJHS. This is a great chance for parents to meet their child's teacher and discuss the student's progress before the end of the first term.

Upcoming Events: Wednesday, Sept. 18th: Students will be excused at 11:15 for a special Early Out Day, while teachers remain in the building for training. Parents need to be aware that their children will be home earlier than usual that day.

Jazz Band Concert and Big Band Dance

The Fine Arts Department of PJHS proudly announces their final band concert “Concerto Concert” to be held Wednesday, May 8, 2013. The concert will be held at Payson Junior and begins at 7 pm.

Following the concert, they are putting on a special jazz band dance from 8:30-9:30 pm! This event has become a favorite and all are invited to come. The jazz band will play the best big band tunes from the 1940’s and will be dressed up in period uniforms. There is no cost, so bring the family and come cut a rug!


Students Slam It!

PJHS Poetry Slam Winners.jpg

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, students from Payson Junior High School participated in a school wide Poetry Slam Competition. The students who advanced to this level were chosen by their peers and teachers to represent individual English classes-they “won” their class slam to compete in the school slam.

With over 70 students participating, the competition was fierce! The majority of students read original poems that were packed with creativity and emotion. The event was very entertaining for all who attended. Because of all the incredible performances and well-written poems, the judges had a difficult time deciding the winners-but they made the decision.

The Top 15 winners who will advance to the Nebo School District Slam are as follows (in no particular order & pictured above): Tyler Haroldsen, Taylor Olsen, Emma Spencer, Perla Barreda, Caili Bogan, Grace Wilson, Savannah Smith, Bryan Hedelius, Andrew Bean, Isabelle Malloy, Katelyn Orcutt (not pictured), Danielle Corbett, Natalie Schulze, Sarah Deeb, and Amy Pouliot.

The District Slam will be held at the Salem Hills High School auditorium on Tuesday, May 7 at 7:00 pm. Good luck to all students who will represent our school and congratulations to all students who participated!


PJHS Students Honored at the 2013 Great Kid Awards

Kaden Flippen and Megan Hall honored at Great Kid Awards.JPG

Payson Junior High seventh graders Kaden Flippen and Megan Hall were honored at the 19th annual Great Kid Awards in Orem, Utah. They were chosen out of all 7th graders at Payson Junior to earn this award.

When writing about Megan, her English teacher, who suggested Megan for the award, said, “Megan is an outstanding student and a pleasure to teach. Her bright smiling face and calm demeanor have helped to make her class one of the best that I teach. She is very diligent in getting her work finished and making that work the highest quality. Even though she missed a couple of weeks earlier in the year, Megan did everything she could to get all her work in and still earned an A in class. Megan is always ready with an answer to any question and is willing to try her best, even when the task is difficult. These qualities will help her throughout her schooling.”

In regards to Kaden, his English teacher writes, “Kaden is an outstanding student and a fine young man. He always has a smile on his face and tries his best to make others around him comfortable and happy. Kaden has a wonderful sense of humor and is able to be witty and funny in a positive way without putting down others-a unique quality in our society today. Giving his best 100% of the time is what Kaden is all about! I know that he will be successful throughout his life because he is already building and exemplifying positive habits in his schoolwork, friendships, and daily routine. No doubt about it, Kaden is a great kid!”

Congratulations Kaden and Megan-keep being great!


Grizzlies Participate in the BYU Spanish Fair

PJHS Spanish Class Students at the BYU Spanish Fair.JPG
Students Participate in Espanolanda .JPG

On April 18, 2013, students enrolled in Spanish classes at Payson Junior High School went on a special field trip to the BYU Spanish Fair. The fair included a variety of events which allowed  for different kinds of language use and cultural knowledge ranging from memorized performance to spontaneous conversation.

John Carlisle, a Spanish teacher at PJHS, explained, “The trip basically was that we went and enjoyed the experience of going to another country.  The students passed through customs of Españolandia, a simulated mini-country, speaking Spanish like the natives.  They exchanged money, took a subway, haggled with merchants, ate food, had their pictures taken, wrote postcards and some of them even went to jail while in this country.  The students had a great time while on the trip.  At the end we created a vision for the students to pursue higher education and to use their knowledge in powerful ways.  I think those that went had a wonderful time.”

This was a great experience for those students who were able to attend. Thanks to all the faculty and others who made this trip such a success!


PJHS Principal Honored

Mr. Swenson Honored.JPG


Carl Swenson was in for a big surprise when he was called down to the gym to handle an “emergency.” He walked into the room filled with students and faculty all applauding this wonderful educator. Principal Swenson was awarded the prestigious Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education on Monday, April 29, 2013.

While presenting the award, Karen Huntsman stated, “Education is something that is very important to my husband and our family. We are here to honor the very best junior high principal we could find. Mr. Swenson wants to make a difference in your life.”

 Mr. Swenson was nominated by colleagues who say he is a master teacher and leader who helps his students and teachers, too. His motto as an administrator has been “We teach students first, then content second.” His focus on student success is obvious when looking at several programs put in place at the junior high. One of these include Grizzly Club, which rewards students with good grades, attendance and behavior to an outing from school once every term. and Grizzly Den, which is either remediation time for students who need extra help from teachers or a reward for those who are keeping their grades high. Mr. Swenson’s love for athletics also translates into the school with various activities through the year including a triathlon and a fun run.

After being presented the award, Swenson told the crowd that “Being in education has impacted me. I am a better person because of you.” Thank you, Mr. Swenson, for all that you do for your students, staff, and school! We appreciate all of your hard work and are better people because of you!



An Evening of Musical Magic

The Fine Arts Department from PJHS proudly announces an upcoming choir concert, "Spring into Musicals." The performance will be located at the Payson High School Auditorium on Friday April 26th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Music selections have been chosen from broadway and movie musicals, including a beautiful medley from the ever-popular Les Miserables. Come show your support for these wonderful students who have worked very hard to prepare for this fun-filled, musical evening!


April Students of the Month

April Students of the Month (Overall))7th-Hagen Wright, 9th Isabella Welch and 8th- Hana Johnson..JPG
April Students of the Month.JPG

 The following students have been selected out of the entire student body of PJHS as the Student of the Month in each class:

Science- 7th Tyler Rowley, 8th Cody Robertson, and 9th Rylee Moreno. Social Studies: 7th Hagen Wright, 8th Nick Montoya, and 9th Riley Moreno. Language Arts: Harlee Huff, Charlotte Dansie, and 9th Lilibeth Uvalle. Fine Arts: 7th Logan Miner, 8th Kaylee Mellen, and 9th Sarah Anderson. PE Boys: 7th Kade Manzanares, 8th London Finch, and 9th Ammon Warnick. Library: 7th Victoria Montgomery, 8th Eddie Molina, and 9th Isabella Welch. PE Girls: 7th Kyrra Lundberg, 8th Hana Johnson, and 9th Madeline Miller. Career and Tech: 7th Madison Houston, 8th Jessica Humphreys, and 9th Hailey Jones. Math: 7th Tyrell Russell, 8th Justin Riley, and 9th Codie Lewis.

The overall student of the month for 7th grade is Hagen Wright, with 8th being Hana Johnson, and 9th is Isabella Welch. Congratulations to all of the April Students of the Month for their hard work, example, and dedication!



March Students of the Month

March students of month 003.jpg


The following students have been selected to represent their grade in these classes as PJHS Student of the Month. These students, who have all worked very hard to earn this prestigious honor, include:

Science: 7th Rhett Meek, 8th Kaden Laypath, and 9th Melanie Ward. Social Studies: 7th Ryan Craig, 8th Cody Carlisle, and 9th Tim Wheeler. Language Arts: 7th Carter Brandon, 8th Jesus Cortez, and 9th Brayan Lopez. Fine Arts: 8th Alyssa Behrend. Boys’ PE: 7th Clayton Peterson, 8th Bryan Hedelius, and 9th Ty Dansie. Girls’ PE: 7th Sidney Brown, 8th Alyssa Stevenson, and 9th Amanda Nelson. Library: 7th Katelynn James, 8th Erika Heaps, and 9th David Trauntvein. Career and Tech: 7th Jessica Baxter, 8th Aubree Hartle, and 9th Megan Hazelet. Math: 7th Daniel Dalton, 8th Hunter Nelson, and 9th Jace Crump.

The overall students of the month are 7th Ryan Craig, 8th Cody Carlisle, and 9th Melanie Ward.

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work and dedication in the classroom!