We love you, Mrs. Staheli!

The tree is planted by staff and Staheli's family.
Mr. Swenson hugs Mike Staheli, LuAnn's husband.
Mr. Swenson pays tribute to our beloved librarian.
Students in best dress to honor our amazing librarian!

On Tuesday, February 17, students and teachers gathered to honor our beloved librarian, LuAnn Staheli, and plant a tree in her honor. 

Members of Mrs. Staheli’s family came to the school to be a part of this tribute. Her husband, Mike, beautifully expressed the love that his dear wife had for her students and how special Payson Junior has been to their family.

LuAnn passed away last week after fighting a year-long battle with cancer. LuAnn taught English classes at Payson Junior High for 33 years before moving to her dream job of librarian for the last 2. As a lover of books, Mrs. Staheli was an advocate for reading, especially when it came to her students. She was always ready to recommend a new book, discuss a book or author, and share her vast knowledge of literature with anyone who asked!

The tree will grow in front of the school and will always be a reminder of this wonderful woman who influenced so many students and teachers at our school. We love you, Mrs. Staheli and will miss you very much!


State Champion as a 7th Grader

CJ Ward, talented bowman, with some of his gear and accolades.

CJ Ward was recently recognized by the Utah Bowmans Association and is Payson Junior High's Athlete Spotlight for this month.


CJ was presented with a Utah State Champion plaque by the Utah Bowmans association on Saturday January 24, 2015 at Utah Valley University. As a 7th grader, CJ has already earned the prestigious title of State Champion-an incredible feat for any student, let alone a student so young.CJ competed in the Utah State Championship series in the youth bowhunter division. The series consist of six different archery disciplines, and he finished the series with four 1st place finishes, one 2nd place finish, and one 3rd place finish.CJ also competed in several other tournaments throughout Utah including the Utah summer games where he was awarded a silver and Bronze medal. CJ also excels academically and is a 4.0 student in the 7'th grade at Payson Jr. High. Congratulations on your many accomplishments, CJ!


Dessert, Dancing, and a Show

Written by Sarah Sullivan

Every spring a fundraiser is held for Payson Junior High’s amazing band.  It is themed to follow Glenn Miller from Europe in WWII.  This years was decked out, complete with flag decorations, carnival cutouts, and desserts fit for a king.  There was swing dance, big band songs, and a few piano pieces.  The vibes were great, and the music was, too.

Payson Junior High’s band teacher, Mrs. Erickson directs this salute to old school music.  All the while Boyd Erickson serves as MC.  They are both lively, and all together put on a great show.  They played over a dozen songs, featuring solos from each talented musician.

The band was dressed to fit the part, as were the swing dancers, making the event so realistic the front door seems to be a time machine.  The dancers even supplied an old school dance lesson to anyone.  Grabbing their family, and friends to dance along, the swing dancers were now half of the crowd.  There was not a dull face, or a frown left.

PJHS faculty, custodians, and administration support and supervised the event.  Jennifer Braithwaite did a wonderful job with the food arrangements.  Deb Boschard elegantly decorated the tables.  Students served as very well-dressed waiters.  Even some parents helped, such as Juliet Preston, who played a beautiful piano.  It is an amazing event for Payson Junior High.  From the riveting music, to the carnival cutouts, and the overall feeling of being in a different time, it is unlikely to disappoint.


Student Gov Gets Lots of Love!

Written by Haven Johansen

Every year, Payson Junior High holds a week of Student Government elections for those who wish to plan and execute the events at our school. There is a lot of tough competition and everybody has to bring their game- there are posters, flyers, t shirts, pins, candy, and catchy slogans everywhere. Those who are voted in by the members of their grade are filled with good ideas and enthusiasm for life at school. Everybody has to prove that they will do great things for PJHS.

So let’s not forget Beach Day, Neon-themed dances, and an all around school pride- we give the credit to this year’s wonderful student council. The events mentioned above are just a few of all of the fun experiences they have given us. We as a school have been lucky to have such hard workers in Student Gov. Thank you to everyone who made it all possible!

As for next year, congratulations to all those elected- for eighth grade we have Brock Sorensen, Holly Mills, and Logan Bennett, and for ninth- Kaisley Theobald, Claire Rowley, Tayt Kearl, and Megan Dixon! You guys will do a fantastic job and have worked so hard to get those well deserved votes!

Students Hike to Big Tree

Written by Ruby Baird

On Tuesday, May 20th 35 students left at 6 in the morning to go hike Big Tree. Big tree is no walk in the park. The students had to qualify in order to go. Mr Archer said the fitness testing was easier then the hike itself. The fitness testing includes running and doing bleachers. About ¼ of a mile was strenuous, you had to go up this really steep hill.

After everybody made it up the hill went hiked a extra bit to go see and overlook into the valley. It was beautiful! When we made it to big tree it was amazing! The tree was huge! It took 5 people to wrap all the way around it, and it was very tall. We spent 1 hour at Big Tree.

On our way down everyone fell at least once. It was ¼ a mile of steepness going down, not up. In the end, we were faster than the bus, we made it down and spent sometime at Elk Ridges awesome park. All students had a great time!

Participants included: Gideon Argyle, Ruby Baird, Taylor Baldwin, Ezra Bird, Ben Brown, Herman Cisneros, Orlando Corona, Jesus Cortez, Ryan Craig, Brock Elmer, Kari Evans, Kobey Evans, Albertyo Fonseca, Brayden Garff, Hayden Hansen, Levi John, Hunter Johnson, Tayt Kearl, Alex Mecham, Bryce Mecham, Kaden Mecham, Rhett Meek, Kassie Neal, KD Olsen, Brienna Olson, Cody Ostler, Ben Phillips, Corben Ringger, David Rowley, Jared Rowley, Gerardo Ruiz, Sable Saunders, Blake Spencer, Corben Wells, Cade Wooten, Eric Archer, Stephanie Garner, and John Plaisted. 

Mr. Archer coordinated the hike, and explained, "Even though this is a shorter hike then Loafer it is pretty tough.  There's a section that's about 1/2 a mile long that is very steep and it turns out to be about a 10 mile hike.  This was the largest group we've ever taken to "The Big Tree" and I didn't hear a single complaint.  Beautiful weather, great kids and a fun hike!"

Thanks to all of the students who participated, and especially to Mr. Archer who planned this wonderful activity!

Yearbook Speculation

Written by Haven Johansen

Well, guys, another great school year is coming to a close. Countless memories have been made and we are so grateful to those who took the liberty of running around frantically taking pictures and interviewing people so that we could remember everything. THANK YOU to this year’s amazing yearbook staff and Mr. Higa!

Also, a big congratulations to those who were chosen for next year’s yearbook team- Adri Robinson, Hayden McDowell, Bailey Ekins, Jessica Baxter, Kassie Neal, Mikaela Dahl, and Rachel Slack! All of these girls worked hard to be accepted and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Here’s a friendly reminder that there are not many of this year’s yearbooks left- if you want one and haven’t bought one, get all detentions served, pay all of your fines, and bring your money! Thanks for a great year, Grizzlies!


Guten Tag Salt Lake!

German Students on their SLC Field Trip

 On May 5th, Grizzlies went to Salt Lake City where they were “German Tourists.” Mrs. Ethridge took a group of students from her advanced German classes to the city where they were able to have a variety of new experiences that related to their class.

Students have been studying restaurants and travel this semester in German 2, so they took this field trip to get some real world practice. Mrs. Ethridge explained, “We took the UTA bus, the Frontrunner, and the TRAX to practice using public transportation since Europeans use it much more than we do.” The group also visited the City County building, the city Library, the Cathedral of the Madeline, Temple Square, Zion's bank where they learned how to exchange money, and Siegfried's Delicatessen where they ate lunch.

This field trip was a huge success and everyone involved had a fabulous time seeing the city and practicing their German! Way to go, Grizzlies!

A Moment for the Passionate

Written by Rachel Jolley

On May 6th, 2014, the passionate people from schools all over Nebo School District, competed in the District Poetry Slam for the three first places and the District Title.

To no one’s surprise, all of the poets "slammed" amazingly! Ten students represented PJHS at the District Slam. Of those ten, six students placed at District. Caili Bogen and Bailey Jansen tied for first place, with one other student from a different school. Micah Toelupe, Miah Rushton, Abby Gartrett, and Perla Barreda were all given honorable mentions.

 These students helped Payson win the District Title along with the highly coveted trophy- a giant pencil- which will sit in our trophy case until next year's slam. 

Congratulations to all of the students who worked so hard on their slams! This event gets better and better every year, and we look forward to next year’s slam!


Drama Geeks Unite

Written by Haven Johansen

On April 26, 2014, the drama enthusiasts of Nebo School District met at Nebo Junior High for a day of acting. The results were fun, humorous, and most importantly, educational.

The Nebo District Drama Festival is held for young actors and actresses who want to learn more about their craft and spend time with people who enjoy the spotlight. The all-day camp featured performances from each attending school, as well as music, food, inspiring speeches from talented actors and workshops on skills such as stage fighting, dancing, and auditions.

Overall, the festival was a fantastic opportunity for everyone attending. It’s not everyday one sees Mr. Antablian, Payson Junior’s own drama teacher, dancing to Hercules music in a dress. If that wasn’t enough, students also got to learn alongside talented professionals and have a great day.

For those Payson Junior High students who want to learn even more about acting in a social environment, Mr. Antablian is now taking auditions for next year’s Shakespeare Festival. The festival is a three day event for all students who will be in ninth grade next year. You will get the opportunity to see a professional show, and learn and perform alongside students from all over the state. If this sounds like the event for you, contact the drama department for details.

Celebrate Music

Written by Chloe Poulsen

Our amazing Payson Junior High choirs have outdone themselves this year by presenting “Celebrating Music” at the Payson High auditorium. This final concert of the year was directed by the truly magnificent Mrs. Bolz with her terrific accompanist Janice Lindsey.

This final concert was filled to the brim with amazing songs. From Disney there was “Let it go” and “Haukuna Mata” sung by the womens choir. As well as a song from “Grease, We go together.” sung by the Concert choir. Also a medley of songs from “The Phantom of the Opera.” done by Chamber singers. But let’s not forget the men’s choir that did an amazing job with “Sixteen tons.” And “Dance Evolution” that the mens and women’s choir sang together that got a few laughs out of people.

Mrs. Bolz agrees that everyone did a fantastic job. The best concert all year, at the concert before the concert choir sang Mrs. Bolz gave the announcement that the Concert Choir had earned Superiors at the district festival. She said that “This was the best concert all year the soloists were amazing, and loved the boys song ‘You raise me up’ but my favorite song of all was ‘Praise his Holy Name’ that all of the choirs sang. We have had such a great year in choir and I can’t wait for next year.”