Drama Geeks Unite

Written by Haven Johansen

On April 26, 2014, the drama enthusiasts of Nebo School District met at Nebo Junior High for a day of acting. The results were fun, humorous, and most importantly, educational.

The Nebo District Drama Festival is held for young actors and actresses who want to learn more about their craft and spend time with people who enjoy the spotlight. The all-day camp featured performances from each attending school, as well as music, food, inspiring speeches from talented actors and workshops on skills such as stage fighting, dancing, and auditions.

Overall, the festival was a fantastic opportunity for everyone attending. It’s not everyday one sees Mr. Antablian, Payson Junior’s own drama teacher, dancing to Hercules music in a dress. If that wasn’t enough, students also got to learn alongside talented professionals and have a great day.

For those Payson Junior High students who want to learn even more about acting in a social environment, Mr. Antablian is now taking auditions for next year’s Shakespeare Festival. The festival is a three day event for all students who will be in ninth grade next year. You will get the opportunity to see a professional show, and learn and perform alongside students from all over the state. If this sounds like the event for you, contact the drama department for details.

Celebrate Music

Written by Chloe Poulsen

Our amazing Payson Junior High choirs have outdone themselves this year by presenting “Celebrating Music” at the Payson High auditorium. This final concert of the year was directed by the truly magnificent Mrs. Bolz with her terrific accompanist Janice Lindsey.

This final concert was filled to the brim with amazing songs. From Disney there was “Let it go” and “Haukuna Mata” sung by the womens choir. As well as a song from “Grease, We go together.” sung by the Concert choir. Also a medley of songs from “The Phantom of the Opera.” done by Chamber singers. But let’s not forget the men’s choir that did an amazing job with “Sixteen tons.” And “Dance Evolution” that the mens and women’s choir sang together that got a few laughs out of people.

Mrs. Bolz agrees that everyone did a fantastic job. The best concert all year, at the concert before the concert choir sang Mrs. Bolz gave the announcement that the Concert Choir had earned Superiors at the district festival. She said that “This was the best concert all year the soloists were amazing, and loved the boys song ‘You raise me up’ but my favorite song of all was ‘Praise his Holy Name’ that all of the choirs sang. We have had such a great year in choir and I can’t wait for next year.”

FFA Livestock Show

Written by Sarah Sullivan
Students with their pigs at the livestock show.
Students with their pigs at the livestock show.


The 2014 Utah State Junior Livestock Show lasted from April 30 - May 3.  This event has been going on consecutively for the last 90 years.  Between the volunteers that work to put on stock shows there has been over a hundred years of work.  It is a great opportunity for youth to learn lessons they can use for the rest of their lives.  Any student age  8-18 can enter their livestock, to be judged or sold.  They have a chance to win prizes such as belt buckles, and medallions.  It is an educational, and rewarding service.

There were 230 participants in both market, and showmanship classes.  Market classes judge the quality of the animal.  Showmanship judges the exhibitors ability to show their animal.

2nd in market class: Taylor McDaniel, Emily Waters, Shayla Draper, Bridger Mason.  8th place showmanship and record book winner - Madison Houston.  12th place market - Rex Galloway.  Grand Champion market - Maddy Galloway.  Congratulations to all these hard working students!



40 Book Club Party


The 40 Book Club Party is just around the corner! Each year, hundreds of students from Payson Junior accept the challenge to read 40 books throughout the school year. Any student who meets this demanding task is rewarded with a ticket to the party. That party takes place at the Payson pool complete with pizza, prize drawings, diving board contests, and much more! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate this major accomplishment with their peers!

Anyone who has accepted this challenge, remember that the deadline for both permission slips and to read your 40 books is Friday, May 16. The party will be during school on Wednesday, May 21-make sure to bring a swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen! Talk to your English teacher if you have any questions-and good luck meeting your goal!


PJHS can SLAM it!

Written by Myranda Goodworth and Mrs. Holt
Mrs. Gillie's Class Winners
Mrs. Holt's Class Winners
Ms. Hoffman's Class Winners
Mrs. Fairclough's Class Winners
Mr. Aintablian's Class Winners
Mrs. Bragg's Class Winners
Mrs. Frandsen's Class Winners
Ms. Louder's Class Winners
Mr. Hoopes Class Winners


It’s that time of year again for the school poetry slam where feelings and emotion are used to bring beautiful words to life!. The talent and work put into the poems this year has been amazing! Students wrote or found a poem at least twelve lines and spent time memorizing them to a perfection that they could SLAM it! They would perform for their English class and two representatives would be selected from each class to perform in the school slam.

The top 10 winners will represent our school at the District Poetry Slam, Tuesday May 6 from 6-9 at Salem Hills High School. Those winners include: Caili Bogan, Miah Rushton, Perla Barreda, Abby Garret, Micah Toelupe, Kaden Laypath, Franscisco Ugarte, Zach Day, Bailey Jensen, and Grace Wilson.

The 5 runners up, who will advance to district if any of the winners are unable to attend, include: Abby Jensen, Talbie Oberg, Samantha Mortensen, Paige Durrant, and Sabryne Kelly.

Honorable Mention prizes went to Mitchell Marrot, Corbin Tharpe, Nick Montoya, Jose Valle, Wyatt Sorenson, Armando Chacon, Allison Nielson, Michael Rowley, Mindy Riding, and Owen Grimshaw.

Congratulations to all those who represented their English class in the school poetry slam! The caliber of writing and rhythm was phenomenal, and the talent was extraordinary! Keep writing poems, practice slamming, and get ready to slam it next year!


The New Scoop of the English Department

Written by Kyrra Lundberg

For this Teacher Spotlight we decided to hit up the English department. We rounded up some  of the teachers in that department and interviewed them. The questions that we asked were, what is your biggest fear, your least favorite class and, what is your advice for students at Payson Jr. High.

Mr. Antablian said that the only thing that scares him is “ fear itself”.  His advice to students is  “don’t be an idiot.” Ms. Hoffman’s least favorite class in school was Algebra. She hated it! Mrs. Holt’s worst fear is not the dark but the things that hide in them, and her advice to the students is “Be kind, dream big, and work hard.” Mrs. Bragg’s worst fear is not accomplishing her goals.

These teachers have now shared a little bit of themselves with us students at Payson Jr. High. More dirt on the teachers is coming soon!   


PJHS PE Teachers: Unmasked!

Written by Kyrra Lundberg

This Teacher Spotlight highlights the PE teachers. This week we asked the teachers the following questions: what was their favorite teacher moment was, their favorite excuse to skip class and,   what were some of the fashion trends back when they were in school.

Mr. Archer said that one of the trends was sagging his pants. His favorite teaching moment was when teaching a 85 minute math class got up when the bell rang saying “class is already over?”. Miss. Gardner (being a health and PE teacher) favorite moment was when a student walked into class while she was teaching the male anatomy. Her favorite way to skip class was to sleep longer. Mrs. Braithwaite on the other hand never skipped class! One of the trends she remembers was Britana bell bottoms.

These teachers have now shared a little bit of themselves with us students at Payson Jr. High. More dirt on the teachers is coming soon!    

March's Magnificent Students

March Students of the Month


The students at Payson Junior have been working hard this month, leaving teachers debating which students to recognize as Students of the Month. The task has been completed, and March top students are as follows:

Weston Banks, Madison Bing, Valerie Cornwell, Chay’Lyn Gordon, Christian Herrera, Tiaza Warden, Lorenzo Ruiz, Riley Redford, Kathleen Olsen, Braxton Judd, Sawyer Alger, Rebecca Apgood, Joe Baxter, Gerit Bibler, Mauri Blauer, Daniel Cortez, Brinn Loveless, Chloe Poulson, Lesly Salas, Orrin Ward, Kerstin Taylor, Austin Hone, Megan Lind, Madison Houston, Micah Toelupe, Chloe Williams, and Talin Wyler.

The overall students of the month, representing their entire grade, were: 7th: Orrin Ward, 8th:Madison Houston, and 9th: Madison Bing.

Congratulations to all of these honored students, and keep up the good work!



Grizzlies Get the Gold!

Written by Haven Johansen

On March 3, 2014, Diamond Fork Junior High School hosted the District Powerlifting Competition. Offering a variety of lifts and events for each weight division, the competition is held for all junior high students in the district and is held 2 or 3 times a year due to increasing popularity.

Payson Junior High’s own Mason Call took 1st place in his division and Hunter Peterson missed a fourth place medal by one point. Get ready for the last competition of the year- it will be held at Mt. Nebo Junior High. And as Mr. Archer, Payson’s physical education teacher so enthusiastically puts it, “Go Grizzlies!”

Terrific Tournament

Written by Haven Johansen

At 6am (yes, am,) on March 27, PJHS hosted its Singles Badminton tournament. This tournament was Payson’s second of the year, and the reasoning for the insanely early start is that it allows students to participate even if their after school schedules are busy.

There were a lot of close games, and most teams played matches! There were 4 PJHS alumni at the tournament, and they were beaten by many of our students. Mr. Archer, the school’s physical education teacher, said, “It was a lot of fun.” There will be another tournament in April for all those interested.