Student Council elections will take place tomorrow, Friday, April 1st! This is no April Fool's joke - be prepared to vote for your favorite candidate to represent you next school year. 

Voting will take place during 3rd period. Teachers will escort their students to the voting computer lab to cast your votes. Think about who would be the best representative for our school next year and cast your ballot!

Make A Memory

Students can now apply to be a part of the yearbook staff for the 2016-2017 school year. Applications are now available in the front office or in Mrs. Holt's room, B50.

ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY Tuesday, April 12 at 9:30 am



Photo Credit: PHS Website
PHS Choir 2015-16


Be a part of something big in high school!

Payson High School choir auditions are on April 12, 13, & 14 between 2:45 and 5 pm.

All the incoming sophomores can audition for the new advanced women's and men's choirs.

Pick up all the audition information, from Mrs. Bolz or in the office.

March 1 Weekly Newsletter

Mr. Blake Mortensen
Our Wonderful Moms Helping With School Play Props

PJHS Parents,

The time is flying by! We are almost to the end of the 3rd term. We have just under 3 weeks left so encourage students to continue to work hard and complete missing work. As the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out it is a big temptation to miss a class here and there. Parents please remind your students to stay in class and not leave campus. According to district policy we are a closed campus. Students can’t leave without being checked out by a parent or guardian who is on their checkout list.


Accreditation Visit

Every 5 years a school which awards credit for high school graduation must be accreditated. This began 1 ½ years ago as some of our faculty and Mr. Swenson was part of the accreditation process for other schools. They came back and began what has been a lot of hard work and documentation about what we do as a school. We have the visiting team at our school today and tomorrow. If your students comment they have seen other adults in the halls and classes, they are gathering evidence about the great school we are. It is our hope that we get a good overall review.

Science Fair

Congratulations to McKaden Anderson for taking first place at the district science fair! McKaden Anderson, Tyler Rasmuson, Brenna Worthington, Abby Maloy, and Cozette Caron will be moving on the the BYU Science Fair. Also, great job to Caleb Morgan and Daxon Geldmacher for presenting at the district science fair.

Badminton tournament

There's a SINGLES Badminton Tournament coming up next week on March 4th after school. Again; Badminton, Friday the 4th, after school. All are welcome. Sign up with Mr. Archer.

Spring Sports

Along with the better weather we will have spring sports starting soon!

Track- begins 3/7. We encourage all students to come participate. Track practice will go from 2:45 - 4:00. The more students who come and support track the better the chances we have of doing well against the other schools.  

Boys Tennis- Will begin later in the month.

For 9th graders there are many tryouts going at this time. Please check Payson High School’s website for these.

Nebo After School 4H Activities


Monday- Computer Gaming

Tuesday- Robotics

Wednesday- Merit Badge Cooking

Thursday- Ping Pong

Friday- Rubic's Cube

Homework help with either Mrs. Wagner or Mrs. Butterfield any time help is needed.

If you have any questions please contact Miss Ogden at


Mar. 2    3 pm SCC

                7pm Orchestra Concert

Mar. 3    8th grade registration

Mar. 4    7th grade registration

Mar. 7-8  6th grade registration @ Elementary schools

Mar. 9     Nebo Band Festival

       7pm Winter Choir Concert



PJHS TED Ed Talks Make News

Alexis Nackos
Ellie Smith
Justin Kennedy
Kaija Carr
Kerienn Marrott

PJHS is proud to announce the Ted Ed Club Conference held at the school yesterday has hit the news! The Daily Herald Online Newspaper,, posted a news story today detailing the Conference. See the story at

We are thrilled to be featured and excited for those who participated in the event. Those who participated included: Sydney Hill, Lexie Linde, Kaija Carr, Gabe Toelupe, Tate Siggard, Brayden Webber, Tyler Rogers, Alexis Nackos, Ellie Smith, Grayden Larsen, Kolby Jenson, Hayes Geldmacher, Karley Caron-Campbell, Kristy Atwood, Justin Kennedy, Kerienn Marrott, Daxon Geldmacher, Devyn Olson, and McKennah Watson.

Also, a special thank you goes out to English teacher, Mrs. Maddy Bragg, for her efforts in putting together this authentic learning opportunity for our students. 

If you didn't get a chance to see it, or want to re-watch parts of our conference, follow the link below:

You will have to create a free account, but then you'll have unlimited access.


February 24 Weekly Newsletter

Mr. Blake Mortensen
LIA Member, Alberto Reyes, Tutors a Student

PJHS Parents,

The entire faculty would like to thank the PTA for the tremendous Lupper(as Principal Swenson respectfully puts it)that they prepared for the faculty before Parent Teacher Conferences last week. It was awesome!

Parents, as you know many of our students have been preparing for their TED talk in English classes. This is a great experience for students to research a topic and prepare it into a short talk. I was introduced to TED talks by a co-worker a few years ago and have really enjoyed listening to them. I would encourage you to search on for any topic you maybe interested in. Here is a link to one of my favorite TED talks, it is very entertaining and makes a good point about looking for positive things in everything we do.


Freshman Day

The 9th graders had the opportunity to attend an assembly and open house event at Payson High School today!  It was an introduction to moving on and into the high school. They also presented different clubs and classes that are available to them to participate in once they enter the 10th grade.  Our  9th graders will soon be registering for 10th grade and the opportunity to attend this event will have hopefully given your students an idea, as to the different classes and clubs they can be involved in. I would encourage you, as parents, to talk with your 9th grader about what they found most interesting about the event today.   It may spark a discussion to help them better prepare you and them for the transition from Jr. HIgh to High School.

Facebook Challenge

We would encourage all of you Facebookers out there to like and follow our Facebook page. The Payson Junior High official website is and from there, you can connect to the official FB page by following the link on the left side of the page. We would encourage parents to share this with others so we can get the word out about the great things happening at PJHS.

Perfect Attendance Winners

This weeks winner of perfect attendance is from the 8th grade, Shad John. Congratulations!

Nebo After School 4H Activities


Monday- Computer Gaming

Tuesday- Robotics

Wednesday- Merit Badge Cooking

Thursday- Ping Pong

Friday- Rubic's Cube

Homework help with either Mrs. Wagner or Mrs. Butterfield any time help is needed.

If you have any questions please contact Miss Ogden at


Feb. 25    8 am Elementary Choir Tour

Feb. 26    8 am Elementary Choir Tour

               8 am FFA  Assembly

Mar. 1-2   Accreditation Visit

Mar. 2     3 pm SCC

               7 pm Orchestra Concert


TED Talks Next Week

Mrs. Maddy Bragg


Payson Junior High is hosting a TED-Ed Club conference. TED is an association that is devoted to spreading great ideas through short speeches. Students at Payson Junior wrote and performed their own speeches with their own great ideas in them. The best of the best will be performing their TED Talks on a live broadcast (thank you, Payson High Broadcasting team) on Wednesday, February 24th from 8-9:30 AM. Tune in to see your local students and their great ideas:

This story will be on our Facebook page. You can reach it by clicking the link on the lower left of THIS WEBPAGE. Please "Like" AND "Share" our Facebook page with friends and family! 


PJHS Earns Grant from Nebo Education Foundation

Ms. Lana Hiskey
Carl Swenson, Dale Phelps, Kristina Christensen, Stacy Nance, Shyrel Petersen, Tom Rather, Earl Davis, KL Tischner, A LeMmon

The Nebo Education Foundation board met this month to discuss the grants submitted by Nebo School District teachers and fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning.

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District.  Board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students.  Many of the donations received are for selected projects, yet a substantial amount is available for the greatest need. Greatest need monies are considered for grants submitted by area schools.

Congratulations to Payson Junior – Tom Rather and Shyrel Petersen who continue to inspire the minds of students.

"Thank you for your generosity and consideration for this grant. It will truly mean a great deal to my students. It is difficult to buy specific books that accommodate students interests and specific reading levels. It takes money! The special education teachers here at Payson Junior High School appreciate this grant. I am sure the students will also,” stated Tom Rather, special education teacher at Payson Junior.


PJHS Wows Nebo School Board!

Mrs. Maddy Bragg, Mr. Blake Mortensen; Photos by Ms. Lana Hiskey
Presentation to School Board
Support From Student Council in Attendance
Cole Mattson, "Do Sports Strengthen Your Education?"
Case Kunz, "Outside The Lines"
Mindy Riding, "This Is Not My Poem"

Mrs. Maddy Bragg, English teacher, addressed the school board last Wednesday evening explaining our school's association with TEDx.

She stated, "The English teachers at our school decided we wanted to give our students a more authentic assessment, so we had them write TED Talks. If you are unfamiliar with TED, they are an organization that is devoted to spreading good ideas throughout the world through short speeches. Our students asked hard questions, researched answers, and presented TED Talks with their great ideas in them. We applied and were approved to have an official TEDx license. With the help of the broadcasting team from Payson High School, the best of each of our classes presented their talks for an international live stream on the TEDx website. Our students videos are now available on the TEDx Youtube page.


This year we aren't doing TEDx again, but working with a different branch of TED called TED-Ed Clubs. We will have a very similar event with a live broadcast with the best of the talks that are currently being worked on and given in our classrooms.The spoken word is very important at Payson Junior High:Poetry is an ancient art form that our school thinks should be heard as well as read. We keep it relevant by having every student in the school perform typically original poems in poetry slams in our classrooms. Similar to TED Talks, we send the best of our rooms to a school Slam, and our best from there go to the district-wide Poetry Slam. We are always floored by the talent and dedicated these students show."


Three PJHS sutdents then presented TEDx and poetry. First, Cole Mattson gave his TED talk entitled "Do Sports Strengthen Your Education?" about how sports and school go together! He did a great job. Then, Case Kunz and Mindy Riding presented their poems for the poetry slam, "Outside the Lines" and "This Is Not My Poem" respectively. All three students represented our school extremely well. The presentation was a success and many of those in attendance commented on the great things happening at PJHS.

PJHS "Meets The Composer"

Mrs. Connie Ericksen, Contributors: Autumn Hernandez, Elizabeth Giles, Krysti Morgan
Composer Darryl Johnson II Visits PJHS
Checking in at the Office
Making Music Electronically
Playing Mr. Johnson's Piece

Band students are typically situated at the end of a long process of making music. They are issued a clean printed page of black symbols on white background and then begin the process of decoding the symbols in order to create sound. The audience that hears the band’s interpretation is yet one more step—and the last step--away from what starts with a composer.

A composer is a person who writes music, especially as a professional occupation.

In an effort to broaden our students’ appreciation for and understanding of the musical creation process, we invited an accomplished band composer, Darryl Johnson II, to come to our school and work with our band students. After giving us insights into the piece he had composed, he took us back to the place where every band concert starts—with a musical idea. As a class, we developed our musical ideas and, step-by-step, created a piece of band literature.

Student Autumn Hernandez stated, "I'm really inspired to start writing my own music..." and Fiona Ashton-Knochel said, "He mentored us and [one] thing I learned was how to play expressively."

Additionally, Elizabeth Giles expounded on the writing process, "I've been wanting to compose for a while and the composer's tips helped me a lot. Also, I learned there will always be revisions..."

Finally, Kyrsti Morgan reflected, " It was interesting to hear the composer talk about how his ideas formed and then he turned them into a song. It was great that he started small and them expanded into a bigger part."

Darryl Johnson II (b. 1984) is a native of Southern California. An early interest in music led him to study several instruments as well as music theory, composition, and orchestration. A lengthy background in music transcription and arranging fostered a growing interest in diverse musical styles. Now he enjoys making guest appearances with middle, junior, high school and college students via his “meet the composer” program. This program fulfills multiple components of the music education standards for every state and complements the music education curriculum. The PJHS administration supported the idea of broadening student perspective and arranged for funding to bring Mr. Johnson to our school.