Yearbook Speculation

Written by Haven Johansen

Well, guys, another great school year is coming to a close. Countless memories have been made and we are so grateful to those who took the liberty of running around frantically taking pictures and interviewing people so that we could remember everything. THANK YOU to this year’s amazing yearbook staff and Mr. Higa!

Also, a big congratulations to those who were chosen for next year’s yearbook team- Adri Robinson, Hayden McDowell, Bailey Ekins, Jessica Baxter, Kassie Neal, Mikaela Dahl, and Rachel Slack! All of these girls worked hard to be accepted and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Here’s a friendly reminder that there are not many of this year’s yearbooks left- if you want one and haven’t bought one, get all detentions served, pay all of your fines, and bring your money! Thanks for a great year, Grizzlies!