Into The Woods

Written by Myranda Goodworth
The Full Cast of Into the Woods


Payson Jr. has headed Into the Woods this week! This years new drama teacher, Mr.Aintablian, has been preparing along with his student cast for the delightful musical “Into the Woods”. A mash-up of fairytales where characters like Cinderella, Jack, two Princes, the Baker and his wife, the witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel head into the woods in search for something they wish for. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and an exciting play for all who come to see.

The cast includes: Owen Grimshaw as the Baker, Alyssa Behrend as the Baker's Wife, Abigail Garrett as the Witch, Caili Bogan as the Narrator, Erin Bridenbaugh as Jack, Lora Burton as Little Red, Mariah Webber as Cinderella, Brandon Harris as Cinderella's Prince, Cambrielle Fitzwater as Rapunzel, Evan Brandley as Rapunzel's Prince, Dylon Sasser as Mysterious Man, Paige Durrant as Jack's Mother, Jordon Henson as the Wolf, Kaitlyn Sharp as Milky White, Harlee Huff as the Stepmother, Madison Mittelman as Lucinda, Bryanna Hammond as Florinda, Ben Andrew as Cinderella's Father, Kaden Mecham as the Steward, Ashley Jensen as Granny, and Aubrie Marsh as Cinderella's Mother.

The tech crew includes: Ashlyn Sharp, Kea Hancock, Cortnie Hancock, Daniel Sasser, Robby Ewell, Myranda Goodworth, and Dane Peterson. 

David Aintablian was the Director for the show, with Musical Director Ingrid Bolz, Assitant Director Aleasha Hancock, and Director's Assistants Adalyn Coon and Mo Carter.

Students had the chance to watch the play Tuesday and Thursday during school and have been invited to the evening performances at 7:00 pm on the 3rd and 4th. All families are welcome for closing night tonight! It is two dollars at the door and all PJHS students are free! Everyone is invited, it is sure to be a play you will enjoy.

Opening night was a huge success, filled with many family and friends who had come to see the play. The students were proud of the job they did on their first night and are so excited for their final showing. They have worked hard memorizing lines and getting characters down and it’s been an amazing example of what hard work can do. Proving that “If you know what you want then you go and you find it and you take it.”

Congratulations to all the cast and good luck on your final performance!