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Students Take a Stand Against Bullying

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 12:16
Brad Barton greets students after the assembly..jpg

Payson Junior High held their annual "Anti-Bully Week" from October 29-November 2.The week was filled with activities that promoted friendship, getting to know people outside of your usual friend circle, and coming together to prevent bullying!

The week began with an assembly where Brad Barton, a magician and motivational speaker, spoke to the students. He talked about the importance of being kind to those around you and not putting people down. His message was that we all have magic so we should lift each other up! He had some great illusions and gave a fantastic speech that really motivated the students.

 On Tuesday there was a Mix and Mingle held during lunch. This activity offered students the chance to meet people that they usually don't sit by at lunch. Bingo sheets were passed out to each student who then had to go interact with a variety of other kids to fill out their bingo sheet. Prizes were offered to those who had the most names on their sheets! Additionally, several students participated in a Flash Mob during this luncheon to the Michael Jackson classic, "Thriller." The dance was incredibly fun to both participate in and watch! The point of the dance was that "We don't get our THRILLS from bullying!" At the end of the dance, all of the students were linking arms so that nobody was standing alone.

 Due to the increase in violence and bullying in schools across the nation, many schools, like PJHS, are making it a priority to be aware of this growing problem. Taking the time and energy to discuss bullying with students can make a positive change in individuals and in our school environment. Thank you to everyone who helped make the week such a success!