Students of the Month for January


The students at Payson Junior have been working hard this month, leaving teachers debating which students to recognize as Students of the Month. The task has been completed, and January’s top students are as follows:

Science- 7th: Sawyer Algers, 8th: Austin Hone, and 9th: Emily Walters. Language Arts- 7th: Rebecca Apgood 8th: Madison Houston, and 9th: Stephanie Tidwell. Girls PE- 7th: Brinn Loveless, 8th: Megan Lind, and 9th: Madison Bing. Boys PE- 7th: Orrin Ward, 8th: Elliot Evans, and 9th: Lorenzo Ruiz. Math- 7th: Joe Baxter, 8th: Daniel Cortez, and 9th Braxton Judd.

Social Studies- 7th: Mauri Blauer, 8th: Kathleen Olsen, and 9th: Valerie Cornwell. Fine Arts- 7th: Chloe Poulsen, 8th: Micah Toelupe, and 9th: Christian Herrera. Library- 7th: Garit Bibler, 8th: Kerstin Taylor, and 9th: Chay’Lyn Gordon. Career and Tech- 7th: Leslie Salas, 8th: Riley Redford, and 9th: Weston Banks. Special Education- 7th: Talin Wyler, 8th: Chloe Williams, and 9th: Tiaza Warden.

The overall students of the month, representing their entire grade, were: 7th: Chase Openshaw, 8th:Tayt Kearl, and 9th: Lucy Hales.

Congratulations to all of these honored students, and keep up the good work!