Students Hike to Big Tree

Written by Ruby Baird

On Tuesday, May 20th 35 students left at 6 in the morning to go hike Big Tree. Big tree is no walk in the park. The students had to qualify in order to go. Mr Archer said the fitness testing was easier then the hike itself. The fitness testing includes running and doing bleachers. About ¼ of a mile was strenuous, you had to go up this really steep hill.

After everybody made it up the hill went hiked a extra bit to go see and overlook into the valley. It was beautiful! When we made it to big tree it was amazing! The tree was huge! It took 5 people to wrap all the way around it, and it was very tall. We spent 1 hour at Big Tree.

On our way down everyone fell at least once. It was ¼ a mile of steepness going down, not up. In the end, we were faster than the bus, we made it down and spent sometime at Elk Ridges awesome park. All students had a great time!

Participants included: Gideon Argyle, Ruby Baird, Taylor Baldwin, Ezra Bird, Ben Brown, Herman Cisneros, Orlando Corona, Jesus Cortez, Ryan Craig, Brock Elmer, Kari Evans, Kobey Evans, Albertyo Fonseca, Brayden Garff, Hayden Hansen, Levi John, Hunter Johnson, Tayt Kearl, Alex Mecham, Bryce Mecham, Kaden Mecham, Rhett Meek, Kassie Neal, KD Olsen, Brienna Olson, Cody Ostler, Ben Phillips, Corben Ringger, David Rowley, Jared Rowley, Gerardo Ruiz, Sable Saunders, Blake Spencer, Corben Wells, Cade Wooten, Eric Archer, Stephanie Garner, and John Plaisted. 

Mr. Archer coordinated the hike, and explained, "Even though this is a shorter hike then Loafer it is pretty tough.  There's a section that's about 1/2 a mile long that is very steep and it turns out to be about a 10 mile hike.  This was the largest group we've ever taken to "The Big Tree" and I didn't hear a single complaint.  Beautiful weather, great kids and a fun hike!"

Thanks to all of the students who participated, and especially to Mr. Archer who planned this wonderful activity!