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Student of the Month March

Submitted by allison.mower on Fri, 03/22/2019 - 09:51

We are so proud of our students of the month!  Here is what their teachers have to say about them:

Ryan has been a  front office aide for us here at PJHS.  Ryan is always on the ball and looking for the next way that he can help.  He sees what needs to be done, does it and then let's me know that he has taken care of it.  He loves to help and actually volunteers to answer phone calls in the morning before school starts which is extremely helpful as this is such a busy time of day.  He always strives to do his best. We truly appreciate his contribution to our school.  

Hadlee is a hard-working, honest, respectful, energetic and kind student who always does her best. Hadlee is always willing to give a hand to others. She leads by example; consistently making good choices and eager to help.

 Brandon Judd is a great student!  He works hard on his assignments and asks questions to help clarify what he doesn't understand.  He helps other students and is always positive and happy.  He is a leader in his classes and helps make my classroom a great place to learn. 

Brooklyn is a quiet giant. Her talent is huge, her kindness is huge, her optimism is huge. Her ego is not. It all makes her wonderful to have in our school.  Halle Elmer  is an excellent student.  She cares about doing well, and is polite and kind to all around her.  She focuses on the task at hand and is a great example to other students. Ephraim is always prepared for class and eager to learn.  He has great peer relations and I enjoy having him in class.   He is polite and respectful.