The Showcase of Talents

Written by Sarah Sullivan
Connie Erickson leading the World Drumming 4-H Club
The Swing Dance club getting their groove on!


St. Patricks Day, 2014.  The world drummers were prepared sitting in the Payson Junior High Auditorium.  They were dressed in colorful clothing, and had made a half circle, prepared to begin the school’s 4-H showcase.  They played along to traditional songs, and Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” led by the school’s talented band teacher, Mrs. Erickson.  There was even a song where the audience participated by clapping beats along.  It ended strong, and everybody clapped loudly.

Next up was the drill team.  They looked like zombies, complete with drawn on scars, and fake blood.  It was a dance of flags, and the undead.  The flags came in endless colors, there was even a black, torn, post-apocalyptic looking flag, to match the zombie theme.  The show didn’t last long, but it was truly a sight to see.

The second to last act was the school’s Glee Club.  Led by the amazing Mrs. Holt it was truly impressive.  They stood in a line, and sang bits of a song each.  Each singer sang for about twenty seconds then, passed a microphone down the line.  It ended, and began with a group song of “Lucky”, a perfect song for St. Patricks Day.

The very last act was the swing dance club.  They were led by Mrs. Lake, a mother of one of PJHS’s students, and a great dancer.  They did a swing dance  to “Jump Jive and Well.”  They looked very classic.  It was an extremely fun experience.  You could feel their excited energy radiating.

 There was also, a table full of pictures from the photography clubs.  Awards were given to different photos.  There was food made by the cooking club served, including clover cookies.  The HOBI club had a table with colored sticky notes, so that you could write nice, encouraging notes.

It was a successful event for an equally successful set of clubs.  4-H is really a great opportunity to socialize, have fun, and develop new talents.  You can tell the students really enjoy it.  The showcase is a great opportunity for family, and friends to see what was learned, and watch their kids have their moment to shine.