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Science Fair

Submitted by allison.mower on Tue, 02/11/2020 - 09:12

Last week, PJHS had their annual science fair.  The students did a wonderful job and conducted many thought provoking and life changing science fair projects.  A huge thanks to our science department teachers who helped organize and support this science fair.  The winners include the following individuals:

 Animal & Plant Science

Brocston Murdoch  Grand Prize/1st Place

Russel Worthen 2nd Place

Halle Sorensen  3rd Place

Josie Cornaby 4th Place

Britton Biggs 4th Place

 Behavioral & Social Science

Deanna Salinas  1st Place

Hayden Peery 2nd Place

Ryver Hancock 2nd Place

Luis Ceja 3rd Place

Daaelynn Keele 3rd Place

AJ Huff 3rd Place

Tori Ludlow 4th Place

Joan Meyers 4th Place

 Biology & Biochemistry

Hayden Jacobson 1st Place

Isaac Atkins  2nd Place

Kelton Smith  3rd Place

Jack Hardy 4th Place

 Biomed & Health

Addison Lopez $15.00 1st Place

Rose Stringham  2nd Place

Payge Lundeen  2nd Place

Mason Kimball  3rd Place

Kolton Broderick  3rd Place

Earth & Environmental Science

Seth Johnson 1st Place

Rett Robinson 2nd Place

Hailey Vigil 3rd Place

Eva Cervantes  3rd Place

Engineering:  Electrical & Computer

Conner Jasperson 1st Place

Engineering:  Materials & Mechanical

Carson Robbins 1st Place

Cooper Jorgensen 1st Place

Hunter Everett  2nd Place

Glen Martin  3rd Place


Gabe Bustos 1st Place

Chandler Barton  2nd Place

Patrick Cannode 2nd Place