PJHS PE Teachers: Unmasked!

Written by Kyrra Lundberg

This Teacher Spotlight highlights the PE teachers. This week we asked the teachers the following questions: what was their favorite teacher moment was, their favorite excuse to skip class and,   what were some of the fashion trends back when they were in school.

Mr. Archer said that one of the trends was sagging his pants. His favorite teaching moment was when teaching a 85 minute math class got up when the bell rang saying “class is already over?”. Miss. Gardner (being a health and PE teacher) favorite moment was when a student walked into class while she was teaching the male anatomy. Her favorite way to skip class was to sleep longer. Mrs. Braithwaite on the other hand never skipped class! One of the trends she remembers was Britana bell bottoms.

These teachers have now shared a little bit of themselves with us students at Payson Jr. High. More dirt on the teachers is coming soon!