Peter Pan Triumph!

Laura Russell
The Lost Boys welcome their new mother.
The Pirates
Captain Hook and Smee
Tiger Lily, her Brave Girls, and the crocodile
Wendy and Peter Pan
Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (and girls)
Hook and Smee shenanigans
Final Bows

Peter Pan was a smashing success for their final performance on Monday night! Captain Hook, Smee, and their gaggle of pirates delighted the crowd with their clever humor and quick banter. Wendy's voice was so sweet in her lullabies, the crowd couldn't help but feel sleepy. Tiger Lily and her Indians marveled the stage with their sweet dance moves. Then of course there was Peter Pan and his lost boys (and girls) who dazzled the stage with their voices and quick escapes from Hook’s antics. We can't forget about the stunning performances of Michael, John, Mr. and Mrs. Darling, Nana, Eliza, and of course the special appearance of the crocodile.

Shout out to all the students who participated and dedicated months of their time after school to learn, practice, and perfect this play; their hard work payed off with full crowds every night. Mr. Aintablian deserves special recognition for all the time he spent designing, planning, and directing the show. The show was obviously directed by him with the bits of humor and personality scattered throughout. The play couldn't have happened without the help from Carma Heimuli who was constantly there helping with auditions, music, choreography, snacks, set designs, t-shirt designs, props, and everything in between. As well as the help from Alison Siggard who was the singing coach, Laura Russell who did the choreography, Julie Hancock, Sara Olsen, and Jamilah McMurdie who all helped with hair and makeup, and all the parents who gave rides, helped with tech, and supported their kids in their desire to be in the play.

The play was an absolute success, and thanks to everyone who came out to support our students and all their hard work!